Always Remember the Learned Lesson of September 11, 2001

Ramon Arias | September 11, 2012

In spite of what history reveals and what we have seen in recent years coming from the Islamic world it’s amazing to see the ignorance, denial and downright unbelief that most people in the world have about the Islamic agenda. The Islamic vision is one of conquer and supremacy over the entire human race. The post 9/11 events in America clearly demonstrate this reality and it’s high time we all acknowledge it. Don’t let anyone fool you, religions are not all the same and they do not all guide us to God even though they may mention Him, neither do all religions promote peace and true prosperity. The main reason Islamic terrorists have had success in the world is due, for the most part, to the ever increasing pluralistic ideology which accepts every school of thought.

The large scale war the Islamics launched on American soil on September 11, 2001, is a continuity of a millennial conflict. In the words of the warriors of this Muslim Holy War in different parts of our world they strongly affirm it is “so that Allah´s Word and religion reign supreme” [1]

Another important aspect is for us to be aware that all faiths, religions, ideologies and philosophies have their own perspectives of the future, which in Christianity is also known as eschatology. Each worldview allows us to see how people think and live.

It´s a grave mistake to call Islamics “radical Muslim terrorists.” Why? For the simple reason that they are bound and determined to live according to the teachings of the Koran, this is what they believe and obey so they do not consider this to be radical or terrorist behavior.

Another grave error is the belief that the increase in terrorist activity is due to armed forces of various countries that fight on Muslim soil. What people don’t hear through the cowardly liberal media reports is that the increase of this terrorist/war is the result of the vision Shiite Muslims have of the future, who seek the appearance of a twelfth prophet that will complete the establishment of Islam in the world.

Fred Coyle, Collier County Commissioner of the Fourth District of the State of Florida, pleasantly surprised me with the topic and special emphasis he gave in his speech he delivered at a memorial for the 9/11 tragedy. I consider it important to share it once again with you in its entirety, which I do so with his permission to reprint. My purpose in sharing this once again on this anniversary of this tragic event where war was declared on us by a segment of Islam is for us not to forget what is really behind the Muslim agenda.

9/11 . . .YEARS LATER

Fred Coyle, Collier County Commissioner, District 4:

It has been years since the most deadly attack in history against the American homeland. The deaths of almost 3,000 people awakened us from a slumber that had led us to ignore the attacks over the preceding 22 years.

During that period, Muslim extremists attacked U.S. citizens and interests on average once every 15 months. Years of timidity and accommodation by our government led to increasingly frequent and violent attacks against American interests. After the outrage of the 9/11 attacks our response was forceful and timely. Our enemy’s organization and planning were severely degraded. Despite numerous attempts, there has not been a successful attack against our homeland in years.

Why? Perhaps we can learn from Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah’s statement that he would not have ordered the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers if he had known Israel would retaliate so forcefully.

We have been safe for a while, but all who are familiar with the nature of our enemy agree another attack is inevitable. Consider what is happening in the rest of the world. Muslim extremists are responsible for over 5,700 deadly attacks since 9/11, leaving thousands dead and wounded.

In the Middle East, Iran is developing an atomic weapons program while professing their goal is to wipe out Israel.

In India, Muslims are targeting Hindus. In Thailand, Muslims are killing Buddhists. In Bali, a Hindu enclave in Indonesia, bombings by Muslim extremists have killed hundreds. In the Philippines, Muslims are killing Catholics and bombing Catholic churches. Recently in Indonesia, Muslim men armed with machetes hid beside a roadway and hacked to death three young girls walking home from school. Why? Because they were Christian girls who might someday give birth to Christian children.

Are we really fighting terrorists or is this conflict more complex? To find the answer, we must go back in time.

Over 1,000 years ago, Muslim influence extended from Spain across Northern Africa and parts of Europe through the Middle East and by 1400 A.D. had expanded across the Asian continent to Indonesia and the Philippines. Much of this area was a Muslim empire governed by a Caliph who, in a fit of anger, ordered the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, one of the most important Christian holy sites. This and subsequent persecution of Christians led France, Italy and Great Britain to launch a series of military campaigns (the Crusades) which ultimately led to the defeat of the Muslim empire.

The Muslim fanatics with their minds, like time capsules, preserved in Medieval Muslim dogma the passion to re-establish their empire. Osama bin Laden said “the Caliphate will start from Afghanistan”, hence the creation of Al-Qaida which means “the base”. The effort was to be supported by the Taliban (students of Islam). But these were not just students of Islam; they were students of a rigid form of Islam called Wahhabism taught in schools throughout the Middle East, Europe and even in the United States. These schools seem to focus more on hatred and killing infidels than on seminary studies. They are the training ground for the Muslim fanatics and the radical clerics we are encountering today.

On February 23, 1998, The World Islamic Front issued a Fatwah commanding Muslims to “kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — in any country where possible” and to “plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it”.

We are not engaged in a “War on Terrorism”. We are engaged in a holy war against Muslim fanatics worldwide whose goal is to eradicate Western Civilization and create a new Muslim Empire.

For a brief moment after the terrible attack on 9/11, we were united as Americans, certain of what we must do, firm in our commitment to defeat those who threatened our homeland. Now our resolve is crumbling. We are fragmented once again, arguing among ourselves, fretting about what we must have done wrong.

We do a great disservice to those we memorialize. The passengers of Flight 93 did not delay. At the cost of their own lives, they acted to save the lives of others who could have been the target of that hijacked aircraft. The Policemen, Firefighters and EMS personnel did not hesitate to march into the burning World Trade Center to help save lives and, after the collapse of the towers, rescuers gathered to search through the rubble for survivors. This is the spirit of unselfishness and cooperation that made our nation great. There were no Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives jockeying for political positions. There were only Americans. It would be much easier fighting the war if we could get the same unity in Congress.

There are some truths about war that we must accept. Otherwise, our nation will never achieve victory.

1.    Wars cannot be waged humanely.

2.    There is no perfect strategy.

3.    Knowledge about our enemy’s intentions is seldom completely accurate.

4.    Decisions on the battlefield cannot conform to the standards of a legal proceeding.

Years have elapsed and our political leaders are still squabbling about these issues. How many more Americans must die before we recognize the true nature of this conflict? How many more attacks against our country will occur while government agencies fail to share and analyze critical intelligence? How many more Muslim extremists must enter our country before we get serious about protecting our borders? How many more times will the United States “cut and run” before we understand that victory is our only option? Our history of quitting when the going gets tough has led others to believe we do not have the will to win. This misperception has made us the laughing stock of our enemies and eroded support from our traditional allies. Everyone respects winners, but no one wants to be aligned with a loser.

It is time for the American people to demand action from our government:

1.    Protect our borders – NOW!!!

2.    Overhaul our immigration system.

3.    Require that intelligence and law enforcement agencies share information.

4.    Ban radical Muslim schools and Mosques.

5.    Recognize the serious nature of this Holy War and take all actions, including pre-emptive strikes, to achieve victory. There must be no sanctuary for our enemies.

The horrors we have seen should fill us with the resolve to demand victory over the evil which threatens our freedom. Many have fallen in this war. We must not let their sacrifice be in vain. Their courage should serve as an inspiration to us all. We must cherish their memory and be thankful for brave Americans who defend our great Nation.

We must remember . . . always . . . because they will not die unless they are forgotten!


[1] Robert Spencer, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (Washington, DC: Regnery, 2005), 184.