America Has a New Religion: Sex

Nena Arias | November 27, 2017

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.”
-John Adams-

Lustful sins have always been a part of the human race. They are part of the human fallen nature. But, is it normal acceptable behavior? Absolutely not! Proof of how this misbehavior is viewed are the laws that regulate and punish such actions in society.  God did not leave us in the dark on how to understand these actions and how to deal with them.   

In our country, the United States of America, a nation that was originally founded on biblical principles, the sins that the Bible calls sin have also been unacceptable behavior in our society; basically they are those mentioned in the Ten Commandments. It is sad and of great concern to see that a shift began to take place about one hundred fifty years ago, and especially in the last few decades this biblical value system has been eroding at the very core foundation of this country.

It is astounding how, as of late, the lustful sexual sins of so many in powerful positions of government, the world of entertainment, sports and the media have come to light. It is like an avalanche of accusers has come out of the woodwork to reveal these hidden actions of the perpetrators who for many years have thought of themselves as invincible. Their positions of power and prestige have made them believe they can impose and assault and abuse others by hanging an enticing and tantalizing career opportunity over their heads or threaten their jobs if they speak out.   

You may ask, why are you likening this to a religion? Glad you asked. Let’s see, what is a religion and how is a religion lived out by a real devotee? When a person embraces a belief system with its values and principles it is because they believe it will make their life better and help them arrive at a truly fulfilled life. They are willing to commit wholeheartedly to accomplish the full satisfaction of complying and pleasing their god. No sacrifice is excluded and no amount of expense is too much because they deem the investment of time, resources and themselves worth it.

Such is the case when a person is willing to put everything on the line to satisfy their desires. They will betray their good name, their life accomplishments, and their marriage to a faithful spouse, their families and their jobs to give themselves the satisfaction of fulfilling their desires.

In America, it has become more and more common for people to engage in these base behaviors and go unscathed. Society has not only become too lenient but they are also imposing these tendencies and pushing for social acceptance through the politically correct mindset on the rest of us. It is very obvious that their fight is against God and his values but take it out on us. They push for this acceptance through legislation.

A lot of the hostility that Christianity is experiencing in our nation is because there’s a new religion in America, this is really an old religion resurrected, and it is the religion of out-of-control sexual appetites that have played a vital role in the collapse of past civilizations. Among the indicators when a civilization is headed for a fall is that sexual promiscuity is pervasive and the population’s primary focus is on self-gratification and entertainment. You may read all 37 indicators here.

Take a look at many of the fierce battles we are facing today are related to sex. We are facing a ferocious battle of abortion, same-sex marriage, and contraception being forced upon us to be paid for by the government, meaning our tax dollars. There is an increasing divorce rate because people get bored in their sex life with their spouse and they want to trade them for a new one. Companies like Chick-fil-A are being forced off campuses because the owner believes in traditional marriage. Our culture is quickly becoming a culture that doesn’t want to face morality and accountability. People become super aggressive if you uphold biblical values because they don’t want their lasciviousness and perversion to be condemned. So what they are saying is we don’t want the God of the Bible, we want our own god that won’t condemn us for our behavior; we are changing religions!

What is to become of America if our society continues to tolerate and give a pass to this behavior? It will rot at the core because it will not be the exception. However, in a country like America that was founded on biblical principles there’s still hope because God’s Word will not return to him void. It will accomplish what it was designed to do if we work to revive it in our society. In education, get involved in your local school and oppose the indoctrination of ungodliness. Vote only for godly men and women in your local, state and national elections. Don’t patronize immoral movies and television productions. Boycott businesses that promote godlessness, our money talks. Urge your pastor and church to become active in saving the soul of our nation. God is still in control of his creation and we must work with him not against him. We still have a window of opportunity if we work diligently to turn the tide of this rottenness that is eating away at the very soul of our nation. We must pray diligently and get involved. Be willing to be part of the answer to those prayers. God’s will is what matters. He will honor those who honor him. The Word of God clearly spells out God’s way.

“But fornication and all uncleanness or unbridled lust, let it not be even named among you, as it becomes saints” Ephesians 5:3. 

“For this ye are well informed of, knowing that no fornicator, or unclean person, or person of unbridled lust, who is an idolater, has inheritance in the kingdom of the Christ and God” Ephesians 5:5. 

“Put to death therefore your members which are upon the earth, fornication, uncleanness, vile passions, evil lust, and unbridled desire, which is idolatry” Colossians3:5.