America is a Nation of Laws, Not Men, Are You Kidding Me?

Ramon Arias | April 15, 2013

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, has implemented a rain tax. This means Maryland residents will now have to pray for no rain in their state if they do not want to pay more taxes. The official name of the tax is “storm management fee”.  It has a special intellectual sound to it, don’t you think? Oh yes, those wonderful propaganda marketers know how to take advantage of the dumbing down of people who bow down to state laws without any resistance. Maryland’s government has already determined how to tax according to property size and the amount of rain.

 According to the Maryland, the state legislature passed this tax in 2012 allegedly to “raise revenue to clean up the Chesapeake Bay,” this of course, required by none other than the EPA. Who are the targets of this tax? The targets are the Maryland residents from nine counties; not even the houses of worship are exempt. I’m sure those “greenies” and all the promoters of big government are jumping for joy.  Other Democrat governors, and legislators are saying “Eureka!”

How long will it take for true Americans to wake up and be the cultural giants that can make wolves in sheep’s clothing tremble at their presence? When John Adams stated that America was a “nation of laws, not men,” his idea of laws are far from what this present nation of laws has become. First of all, the Founding Fathers’ understanding of law, for the most part, was based upon biblical law.  We have the historical background to prove that America was a Bible nation. In its pages, we clearly get the rule of law. 

The leftist worldview works tirelessly against the biblical form of justice by using the Constitution as an evolving document when it is convenient. In other words, according to them, since the Constitution is fundamentally flawed any moral absolutes must be disregarded and replaced with a central form of government as being the superior power rather than on a document that does not proceed, nor is compatible, with their mindset.

The idea of men in power becoming the only ones who determine what the law of the land should be is nothing new. Once in power, they want to control the state and the church in order to keep people under subjection to their dictates for they consider themselves to be the masters of the land.  They will fight and destroy anyone who opposes them. Sooner or later these tyrants fall, but not before great destruction is inflicted upon their subjects.

Every time you hear a politician say, “We are a nation of laws not of men” you must take a second look at what has happened in the nation precisely because of man-made laws with no biblical moral convictions regardless if they come from those who profess to be Christians.

In the past, kings and rulers, and civil servants of the last 200 years who have become tyrants have dreaded the Bible getting into the hands of the people fearing they will understand its contents. Learning the Bible, which deals with moral absolutes, makes even simple people superior in knowledge over their government. In our time, this is the greatest threat to the leftist mindset and they are determined to destroy this notion at all cost.  We must hand it to them, so far they have done a great job.

Before America was a nation, during the war of Independence and during the formation of the new nation under the innovative concept of government by the people, no one argued the validity of the Bible as the bedrock of society. Every crisis, challenge and trial they faced from the very beginning of the 17th Century, they learned to heavily rely upon God’s divine powerful intervention, wisdom, strength and direction in building a society based upon revealed truth not found in the wisdom and direction of man.

The absence of light is darkness.  We’re reaping the bad fruit of disregarding the biblical justice and moral absolutes. The leftist amoral worldview is the result of these man-made laws. How else can we explain laws that produce the “legality” of killing millions of unborn babies, 90 million people without a job, 50 million people living below the poverty level, 49 million living off of welfare, the nation is trillions of dollars in debt, a federal government who wants no spending limit in spite of their horrible administrative track records, a promoter of corruption in the corporate world, immigration laws in shambles, unjust wars that have cost trillions of dollars, elevating same-sex marriage as a normal lifestyle in spite of thousands of years demonstrating the opposite through traditional marriage, soft on crime, hard on victims, and the list is much longer and drastic.  We must not overlook the constant punishing of law-abiding citizens, incessant law-making to take people’s freedoms and money.

Throughout ages, the wisdom of man reveals failed empires. We must stop romanticizing about ancient Greek philosophy, the Roman law, the enlightened French or Judeo monarchies.  They all suffered the same consequences because they lost their moral compass; they made up their own laws according to what seemed right to them and their times. This is the reason Noah Webster, the schoolmaster to America, said, “all of the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war, proceed from blatantly despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.”

Don’t you think that if America was built upon biblical principles the most logical decision would be to go back once again and study the principles laid before us?  I know that we have too many voices and interpretations from diverse doctrines that polluted the Christian community, but that is not an excuse, neither is it justifiable to be irresponsible before God, family and country. Men and women of all ages throughout history who determined to be free have taken personal responsibility to study the Scriptures on their own and become defiant to the state and the institutionalized church if need be. They are the ones who have made the difference for good and will continue to make the difference.  God has always had a faithful remnant.

Allow me to leave you with the sobering thought about what John Adams had in mind when he referred to a nation of laws, not men: “suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited… What a Utopia-what a Paradise would this region be!” And in a letter to Thomas Jefferson he said, “The Bible is the best book in the world.”