America’s Main Problem is Human Nature

Ramon Arias | July 11, 2016

FBI Director James Comey made it clear to the nation that even though the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails confirmed that she lied repeatedly, he decided not to recommend criminal charges. The message is that there are two sets of laws, one for the elite who are politically connected and the other for the rest of the people. In other words, don’t expect the rule of law to apply equally because to the elite justice is not blind, and hasn’t been for a long time. Millions of Americans feel frustrated and powerless with the political establishment, especially with incidents like the slaughter of white police officers in Dallas.  

The killing of five police officers and the wounding of eleven, plus two civilians, in Dallas, TX is added evidence of the collapsing effects of human nature.  This despicable behavior is not new; rather, it is an ongoing manifestation of a society ripping apart and causing the suffering of families and fueling the fires of social mistrust.

Regrettably, the war between police and segments of society is nothing new in American history; this too has been going on for decades. Also, racism in America is nothing new; sadly, there is an unwillingness, on the part of some people, to recognize how priceless human value is. The hatred and killings are not only attributed to one race over another but also within the same race as we witness wave after wave of black on black killings in Chicago, or for that matter, the ones perpetrated by Hispanic gangs against their very own.

Then there are those key figures with specific agendas that benefit from fueling social unrest; this too is nothing new in America’s culture and is just as evil as those who are doing the killings and committing the crimes on a daily basis. 

America and the world are obsessed with the culture of death, not just by way of wars, revolutions, and counterrevolutions; but also killing the most vulnerable of all humans: the babies in the mother’s womb done for “convenience”, for the most part.  

Should American society of the 21st century be shocked at human behavior when the ethics and morality of evolution dominate most of life and its social institutions? If humans evolved from animals, should we be outraged at their behavior? If evolution is true, why restrict and punish human/animal instincts, is that not against their evolving process? Evolution can never expect to produce human perfection and harmony amongst humans if we continue to be herded forward into who knows what, where the law of the jungle will continue to rule supreme in the land. If humans continue to believe that the vast universe with the billions of galaxies came from nothing and once our life ends that is the end, should we even bother to define right from wrong? The idea of “live and let live” cannot sustain human life from the hypothesis of evolution, which advocates “survival of the fittest.” In the mind of the strong, they will never let the “weak” be equal; they will either enslave or eliminate them. From evolution’s worldview, it is impossible that equality can ever come to humans. 

Can America’s conflicts be solved; is there any hope for a better future? These are excellent questions, and the answers are not complicated at all. However, it all depends if society is willing to review history and know the meaning of whose morality we should follow. Human moral cycles are there for us to see what has worked and what has failed.

Promoters of the inexistence of the God of the Bible can’t come to grips with the truth that He exists; nonetheless, ironically, they must borrow from God’s revealed moral code to keep some sanity in their societies. Let us consider one such law; nations accept that murder is wrong, and they apply sanctions that differ in the punishment of the perpetrator. While murder is sinful, humans run into conflict when defining what is murder. Is capital punishment murder? What about abortion, is it murder? Is killing in self-defense murder? Those who demand definitions ask the question: who are the ones to judge and make the decisions of what murder is? The 20th century has lived through two world wars; after the second, there were prosecutions against German officers and others who participated in genocide and crimes against humanity. No judgment was passed against Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong for the exterminations of more than one hundred million people that refused to submit to their new social order, and the world was silent as it is now.

Again, history is reminding us that humans are not capable of defining right from wrong, moral from immoral, and this is the reason societies are always changing their views and laws against murder and all manner of bad behavior. 

It all comes down to what we believe. Do we believe that man is the ultimate judge or that God is the Supreme Judge, Legislator and King? (Isaiah 33:22) Answering that question makes all the difference in how people live. Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ revealed to the whole world what corrupts a person, “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander…” (Matthew 15:19)  His disciple James taught along the same lines, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?” (James 4:1) We can never expect a good outcome from evil human behavior.

Since humans are the originators of all that is wrong with other individuals, society and oneself, it also means that an internal change for good can take place if we acknowledge the destructive and well-organized force of sin in the inner being. Sin is not a religious concept; it is a moral and physical manifestation of the human character, and Jesus is the only one that gives a way out of this quagmire at the personal level and can help us produce change for good. 

Jesus’ teachings were not only designed to point out the sin source for all human problems but also to offer divine forgiveness for people to embark on the process of internal renewal. He demonstrated how sins could be forgiven. By His compassionate actions and understanding of social conditions, He extended His friendship to sinners with a call to repentance as the initial step for restoring their hope in the present and future, and their self-worth (Matthew 9:1–13; 11:19; Luke 15; 19:1–10).

Jesus is God’s gift of restoration from the inside out for all people and He never focuses on their skin color or nationality, for we are all created in His image and likeness. He is the source of moral absolutes; the only character traits that make sense for a stable life and society. God rejects our sin, not our skin! 

Social change for the better is also historical and corroborated; significant and positive accomplishments take place when individuals accept to walk in obedience to God’s revealed truth in His Word.

Christians in America are responsible for leading others into the knowledge of the reality of the source of human problems and the provisions made by God and Jesus Christ to stop all forms of corruption and moral decay.

Let us sincerely pray for America’s biblical Reformation; it is our only hope out of this present devastating and deplorable condition.

Also, be committed to elect the most qualified individual to public office (at any level), people who can turn us away from humanism’s ideological damaging effects on our nation. The candidate may not be the one you like but it is imperative, at this moment in history, for you to do your homework. Also, be diligent in your examination, without any loyalty to a political party, and always keep in mind where we have been, where we are and where we are going as a nation; this much you owe to the present and future generations.