Angie’s Story

My name is Angie, I live in Ohio, and I have had 2 abortions. I come from a family of 6 children and am the second oldest (2 girls & 4 boys).  Mom and dad did not raise us in a church as they are both Army Brats and never really stayed in one place long enough to get established in a church family.  They tried taking us to various churches but nothing life changing ever happened, so I grew up not knowing the love and forgiveness of Christ. 

As a young girl living in San Antonio, I realized that I could get the attention of the boys if I agreed to sleep with them.  I had very little self confidence, so by the time I had my first abortion at age 14, I had none.  I knew that I had disappointed my parents and if there was such a thing as a God, I had disappointed Him too.  I slipped into a deep depression.  I figured there was no way to get any better so why try.  My behavior got worse and I ended up pregnant again at the age of 16.  Once again, mom and dad took me to the abortion clinic.  This one was in Indianapolis.  I was dropped off at the front door to check in by myself.  While they found a parking spot, I was whisked away very quickly to the back.

I remember the smell and sounds of that abortion.  The 1st one is vague because I was anesthetized, but do remember waking up in a room full of other women who were there for the same reason.

I carried that depression, guilt, and self hate thru my years of new motherhood and marriage.  I have 3 beautiful children who now know my story.  I divorced their father after a miserable 11 year marriage.  Most of the misery was self inflicted as there had been no counseling or forgiveness.

I’ve been married to my current husband now for 10 years and have been a Christian for about 7.  He helped me find Christ by living a Christian life and loving me in spite of my baggage.  I now speak at many local Catholic CCD classes and women’s prayer groups.  I know that God knew my heart all those years ago and had a plan for me.  He saved me from disease, suicidal thoughts, and drug addictions.  He knew what I was searching for even before I knew Him.

I used to cry when I heard the words “Child of God” knowing that I would never be one.  Now I cry with joy when I hear them!!!  Praise God!