Australian Men Giving Birth Left and Right

Tad Cronn | November 18, 2014

Talk about equality between the sexes.

Did you know that in the last year alone, according to the Australian Medicare agency, 54 men gave birth?

You go, boygirl!

But Australia is not alone in this phenomenon. As usual, the United States blazed the trail for the rest of the increasingly confused world when American Thomas Beatie in 2007 gave birth.

Forget what your parents may have told you about sex. That’s the past. These days, guys giving birth is where it’s at.

In Australia, the unusual pregnancy-birthing sequence of events is made possible by the Medicare agency deciding that, yes, it will pay for men’s pregnancies and giving birth.

And as you might expect, the number of men seeking abortion services is also increasing.

An Australian Health Department release said, “The department is aware of cases of persons identifying themselves as male having pregnancy related treatment which can be claimed under Medicare. Previously these items could not be paid to male patients.”

But they’ve gotten rid of that old-fashioned notion.

Confused yet?

Not nearly as confused as the medical system and its patients in Australia.

Let me help you get your bearings back. The men reported by the Australian health department as giving birth are nothing of the sort. They are, as human norms would suggest, women, albeit women who like to wear men’s clothing.

Ever since some judge ruled that gender is a matter of choice, the legions of the addlepated have swelled their ranks. While Australian women may think that dressing like a lumberjack or a biker makes you a man, and since the sort of personality that would identify as transgender tends to link his personal self worth with sexual activity, the resultant number of pregnancies is no great shock.

What is a little surprising and particularly disappointing, though, is the willingness of world governments to go along with this silliness. Israel and Great Britain also  have reported a number of pregnant “men” in the past couple of years. I expect this sort of disregard for truth from the Obama Administration, but the transgender Jedi mind trick seems to have worked on much of the globe.

The report doesn’t mention the answer, but idle curiosity makes me wonder if all the fathers of these men’s children were “women”?

This sort of shared delusion about reality is a logical end of the mentality that says all truth is relative, and that “many truths” can  be valid. Basically, if there is no single truth, then anything goes because every individual is the maker of his own reality and has no responsibility to anyone else.

Isn’t it a fascinating world we live in where the forces of progressivism say gender, which is a matter of birth, is a choice, but homosexuality, which is defined by specific acts, is not?

If you don’t serve the truth, you’re serving something else.