Nena Arias

Thanksgiving, Back to Where We Started

As I write this article, our annual Thanksgiving celebration is just days away. For most Americans, this holiday evokes a warm feeling of being surrounded with family and friends around beautiful food-filled tables and a sense of gratefulness to Almighty God for all of his bountiful blessings. Granted, some years are more difficult than others because life happens. There may be an empty seat from a departed loved one, but for the most part, these are happy and meaningful times providing the purpose of this celebration is focused on its true meaning.

Post-Election America

The post-election disarray looks and feels like an atomic bomb exploded and the debris is everywhere. This was a long time coming. Are you surprised to hear that? You shouldn’t be surprised. This kind of breakdown doesn’t happen overnight or with one or two elections. As a nation we have been in trouble for a very long time. It has been over 100 years to be more exact when we allowed our value systems based on godly principles to begin to erode, thereby compromising our foundation. We let go of the truth and strength that sustained us. When that happens, whether to an individual or a nation, it’s just a matter of time for a demise to occur.

Regardless of Election Results, America’s Hope is God

For the most part, we humans think that we ultimately decide the outcome of an election, but God has told us in his Word in Daniel 2:21, “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”

Is Post Election Violence Inevitable?

We all have to decide firmly that regardless of the outcome of this general election we will contain our emotions and just work that much harder to reclaim the foundation this country was built upon.

How Our Children Are Being Formed in the 21st Century

If we want to know how a home is run and what really goes on in the family just take some time to dialogue with a child from that home and you will discover what the child is learning by the example that is being lived out right before their eyes to follow. The saying above by Charles de Montesquieu says it very clearly that, for the most part, children don’t spoil on their own until they learn it from someone else.

Is America Headed Toward Tyranny?

You might say, what do you mean in saying that America may be heading toward tyranny? Don’t you know that this is the freest country in the world? There’s no way tyranny could happen in America. Well, if you think tyranny can’t happen in America, think again.

“In God We Trust” …Do We?

Some people like to think they are, or can be, autonomous. In their minds it means to arrive at a place where they don’t need anything or anyone to make it in life. At least that is the goal many people think is possible to arrive at. The truth of the matter is, there has never been, neither will there ever be anyone who is autonomous except God. Because being autonomous also means that you are the author of your life. No human being can give himself life or give anyone life. There is only one author of life, and that is our Creator.

Breaking the Ninth Commandment: Dirty Attacks Against Amy Coney Barrett

God has given us Ten Commandments to live by. These are not suggestions or options, they are Commandments “set in stone” if you will. These Ten Commandments hold the key to peaceful and right living for all of mankind, not just believers in Christ or Christianity as a whole. These are meant for the entire human race and, I repeat, they are not optional. We will be held accountable by them whether we believe in God or not. Everyone knows exactly when they are violating every one of these Commandments because their conscious, that “God compass” inside all of us tells us and keeps us in check so we can live rightly.

The Ginsburg Passing will Showcase the Struggles for Power, Again

The nature of humankind is to conquer and take dominion, hence there is always a quest for control. We were created by God to do some pretty creative things with all that he gave us. Sadly, when sin entered the human chain, this changed everything. Sin triggered a whole different objective and focus when it came to acquiring power and having the upper hand in all things. This was clearly demonstrated in the very first homicide when Cain killed his innocent brother Abel in a jealous rage.

Why Have We Gone Soft on Sin?

Going soft on sin is like shooting yourself in the foot because of its inevitable destruction. We can’t be soft on sin and still be free. Sin is enslavement. “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin…. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:34-36). We either choose to be a slave to sin or accept God’s freedom through Christ. No one is allowed to be on both sides at the same time.

Child Sex Trafficking on the Rise

In this editorial I want to touch on a very outrageously sensitive subject that is breaking my heart. It is the exploitation of innocent children for money, prostitution and all kinds of perverted sexual activities of deviants among us. What does it say about a society where these practices are on the rise by leaps and bounds?

November 2020: A Clear Choice for Lovers of America

Every generation has its difficult challenges. Right now, in America it is the General/Presidential election of November 3rd. Everything that has made America the most powerful and prosperous country in human history is on the balance. That is not hyperbole, it is fact.

Socialist Lies Are Devouring Our Children

The socialist agenda is in full force out in the open and isn’t even trying to hide what their aim is any longer, which is to destroy this country and remake it into their own image. They have believed the Marxist lie of creating a so-called “paradise”.