Black Man Arrested for Keeping Slaves

Dave Jolly | November 18, 2014

If you listen to black activists like Al Sharpton, you would believe that nearly every white person in America is guilty of racism and would own black slaves if legal to do so. Also according to Sharpton, no black person would ever engage in racism or wanting to place another person into any form of slavery. 

In fact, it’s Sharpton’s own racist hatred of whites that leads him to live in a hate filled fictional reality. Case in point is 45 year old Christopher Hisle, a black man who lives in Cincinnati.

Hisle was arrested this past April after he drove a woman down to Louisville to be used as a prostitute. Since his crime involved the crossing of state borders, the FBI got involved in the investigation. When they went to Hisle’s home they discovered a dozen women being held captive and being used as sex slaves. Hisle had boarded up all of the windows and doors to his house in such a way so that the only way in and out was the front door which he kept well locked.

According to the Louisville Division of the FBI:

“Christopher Hisle, 45, was arrested on April 8, 2014, in Louisville, Kentucky after he drove a young woman from Cincinnati to Louisville to engage in prostitution at the Red Roof Inn on Blairwood Road. A subsequent FBI investigation revealed Hisle’s involvement in forcing and compelling multiple young women to engage in commercial sex.”

“Hisle pleaded guilty before Senior District Court Judge John G. Heyburn II today to a four-count federal indictment including one count of sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coercion, two counts of enticing a person to travel in interstate commerce for the purpose of prostitution and one count of interstate transportation for the purpose of prostitution.” 

“According to the plea agreement, Hisle physically assaulted several of the victims, including striking one of the victims in the face when she threatened to run away. Hisle locked the victims in his house in Cincinnati, by boarding and locking all the doors and windows. Only the front door was capable of opening, and only Hisle had the key to the front door, which locked on both sides allowing Hisle to lock the women in the house when he left. On one occasion, a young woman escaped, only to be found and brought back to the house by Hisle.”

“‘This defendant preyed on vulnerable young victims and cruelly exploited them for his profit,’ stated Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta. ‘Our Constitution guarantees freedom from involuntary servitude and slavery to all members of our society, and we will continue to enforce our human trafficking laws to restore the rights, freedom and dignity to victims of modern-day slavery.’”

“‘My office is committed to seeking justice for victims of human trafficking,’ stated U.S. Attorney David J. Hale. ‘Tragically, these crimes so often pass without detection because victims live in fear from physical abuse, threats and other forms of coercion. My office has worked to improve detection and prosecution by sponsoring training for our federal and local law enforcement partners.’”

“‘Sex Trafficking is a crime that victimizes people in a highly personal manner. Victims often feel as if they have no options and no hope. Detecting sex trafficking is essential to stopping it. The FBI works with State and Local partners to uncover this heinous crime. If you believe you are a victim of sex trafficking or may have information about a particular trafficking situation, please contact the FBI,’ said FBI Special Agent in Charge Howard S. Marshall.” 

“Hisle faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison. Sentencing has been set for February 9, 2015 in Louisville. As part of his plea agreement, Hisle will pay restitution to 12 women identified as victims of Hisle’s human trafficking crimes.”

From what I could glean from the news reports, some or most of the women that Hisle held as sex slaves were black. Had Hisle been a white man holding black women as sex slaves; activists like Sharpton would have been all over the story calling for racial and slavery charges to be filed against him. However, since Hisle is a black man, activists like Sharpton have remained silent. In fact most of the media would also have ignored the story. I only heard about it because I live just south of Cincinnati and heard it on the local news. 

It struck me as another case of the racial bias among black activists and the liberal media. In their eyes, a crime only means something when it’s white on black, but when it’s black on black or black on white, the crime isn’t worth mentioning to them. Hence the racial dichotomy that defines today’s America.