Countering porn’s toll on the Church

Charlie Butts | January 4, 2019

(OneNewsNow) – An American ministry is providing a resource to combat an astounding statistic involving consumers – men, women, and children – who are embroiled in a public health crisis.

If one were to compile a list of the most accessed websites in the U.S., certainly Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google would make the list. In fact, all of those are in the top 10. But according to SimilarWeb, three of the spots in the top 10 offer pornography.

Kingdom Works Studios, a Christian ministry, reports that every 30 minutes a porn film is created in America – and that nearly 90 percent of all porn web pages originate in the U.S. Luke Gibbons, a marketer for Kingdom Works, isolates one of the reasons.

“The Church,” he says, “has struggled to keep up with what’s happening in mainstream culture – and it’s coming into the Church and we don’t know how to disciple our young men and women in terms of sexuality. And because we’ve failed to disciple people in that area, mainstream culture has discipled them – and it’s teaching them a different view of sexuality and of sex than what the Bible would teach us, what God would have for us.”

The Florida-based ministry is suggesting its Conquer Series: The Battle Plan for Purity, which is designed to help men and women gain freedom from pornography addiction through biblical strategies and scientific facts.

“If we can equip every man and if we have discipleship in this area [of sexual purity], they’re going to be able to come alongside maybe a son or a brother or someone sitting next to them at church on a Sunday morning who might be struggling in this area,” Gibbons counsels.

The five-week curriculum, he shares, has had a profound impact ministering to over 750,000 people so far. Gibbons says the solution is the Word of God – and he contends the Church is the appropriate place for the program.