Disney’s ABC forgets families, embraces the immoral

Bill Bumpass | December 15, 2016

(onenewsnow.com) – The Parents Television Council (PTC) announced that a new show in development for ABC is another example of how the Disney-owned network is headed in the wrong direction.

According to industry reports, the program that has an expletive in its title is about a struggling church with an edgy new pastor.

Melissa Henson, who serves with the Parents Television Council, believes that the timing of this disclosure is a little odd.

“Just a week or two prior, the president of ABC was saying, ‘We’ve overlooked most of America in our programming – so much of our programming is directed at people in New York City and Los Angeles – and we’ve overlooked most of America, and we need to start creating programs that reach the rest of America,’” Henson pointed out. “And a week later, they announce that they’ve got a program in development that’s profanely titled, cinematically probably would be offensive to many, many viewers in Middle America.”

Henson insists that what ABC says and what it does are two totally different things.

“So they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth,” the pro-family advocate insists. “They’re saying one thing, but their actions certainly are not reflecting a belief in what they’re saying – that they need to do more to reach audiences in Middle America.”

PTC President Tim Winter contends that the major television network has lost its sense of decency and urges Americans to join its fight.

“ABC’s prime-time programs have become a home for explicit, vulgar and sexualized language,” Winters stressed. “And this new show is yet more evidence that Disney-owned ABC is going in the wrong direction.”