First fashion designer with Down syndrome featured at London Fashion Week

Nancy Flanders | October 8, 2016

(Live Action News) – Isabella Springmuhl is a fashion designer from Guatemala. She creates her vibrant designs using Mayan textiles, and her beautiful clothing has even been seen across the globe in London.  But what’s most interesting is that she’s the first person with Down syndrome to ever have a clothing line featured at London Fashion Week.

“My message is not to have fear, because people like us are different, either men or women: we can reach our dreams,” she told MSN. “Even when we think ‘I can’t’ we have to overcome the obstacles and reach the final goal, try to reach our real dream.”

Just 19 years old, Springmuhl has created her own fashion line for people with Down syndrome, but as she pursued her dreams, stereotypes and discrimination tried to stop her. That all changed when Cecilia Santamarina de Orive, the curator of the International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week gave her a chance.

“I wanted to get into University but they closed the doors in my face,” she said. “Thank God I got an opportunity from Cecilia, who looked deep into my heart and recognized my value.”

Springmuhl said she chose to make clothing for people with Down syndrome because it can be difficult for them to find clothing that fits properly both for their bodies and their personalities. She uses fabric from Guatemala because she wants to inspire people.

“Using the Mayan textiles in my designs I honor all these women that for ages and ages have been waving Guatemala’s history in clothing and textiles,” she said.

Springmuhl will soon be featuring her designs in Rome, and she hopes that her work will help change the way people view those with Down syndrome.

“I want to inspire people, I want them to look around and see me,” she said in a post for A Mighty Girl. “to look through into my heart… a girl with Down syndrome who has no fear and is able to reach her goal.”