Guarantee Yourself a Happy New Year!

Nena Arias | January 3, 2022

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
(Philippians 4:13)

By reading the title of this editorial you might ask, how can you guarantee the outcome of a new year when we still don’t know what it will bring? Great question! There’s only one way to know the outcome and that is when we look at all of life through God’s lens.

Every new year, as we turn the calendar page, a feeling of uncertainty may come upon us and the unknown always presents a measure of fear. Judging from our experience of the last two years can we still say HAPPY NEW YEAR? Yes, we can even though this incoming year is probably going to be quite a challenge and we must be prepared to face it correctly. By that I mean with the right attitudes, strategies, goals and with the principles that never fail.

That never fail? Are you sure about that? Is there such a thing?

When most people make their New Year’s resolutions, they do not have in mind to fail at accomplishing them. But most people will fail miserably at those wonderful New Year’s resolutions. Why? What is to blame for their loss of hope at accomplishing those goals? The answer is very simple; it is due to the exclusion of God and his truth in those plans.

Not all people, not even all Christians, have proper understanding that all of life and social institutions ought to be understood and ought to function from God’s full counsel as revealed in Scripture—that is the Bible. Why the Bible? Because it is our life manual and not a religious book. Therefore, its knowledge is vital for all—believers and non-believers. Just like a good seed, planted on good soil, and properly cared for will produce for anyone, regardless of who they are, so will all of God’s life principles.

The lack of this knowledge and its implementation is an impediment to fully engage in a meaningful life and make the expected contribution to improve things.

Planning for a better life is a requirement and must not be ignored. Believe it or not, planning and goal setting is a daily affair from the moment we get up until we lay down at night. The discipline must be there. This isn’t wishful thinking, and it does require us to know what we want to achieve and what are the means to accomplish our goals. God designed us in such a special way that we will never find true fulfillment in life until we achieve the purpose of our salvation in Christ Jesus, and to make the difference in a world that is dominated by darkness. But even though the world condition is overwhelmingly dominated by darkness, we still have a personal responsibility to do something to make it better.

Edward Everett Hale – Author, historian, and minister said the following:

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do this something that I can do.”

This saying is not just a play on words. Think about it. As a matter of fact, it is such an important principle that it should be applied to all of life every day. We ought to live in such a way that each day takes us closer to the life goals we have established for ourselves.

What is it that we need to keep in mind to guarantee a Happy New Year?

We must not see the Bible separate from all of life, rather, we must learn and apply the principles revealed in every page. We must see the world through God’s eyes, his view is the accurate one. That’s why we have the Bible. It is he who gives us the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and power to live a prosperous life. Those who want to see and fix the world by using a pair of secular glasses can never get it right. It is precisely by adopting the fictitious humanistic worldview that we now face all the problems we see in the world in the different areas of education, law, politics, commerce, international relations, etc.

Every person must build upon the biblical worldview beginning with his or her personal life and that includes the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects. The same principles apply to the family, society, business life and the church.

The biblical worldview also compels Christians to apply the Scriptures to social action based upon biblical ethics. Every piece of knowledge must be compared with the biblical knowledge. It is the only sure foundation for stability, growth, and the only worldview that makes sense for society and the natural world. If we fail to acknowledge this it can only lead to generational failure.

If you truly desire to have a very successful year you should have at the top of your list your willingness to do the will of God in your life such as is revealed in His Word. You need to purpose sincerely in your heart that everything you do will be to the glory of God and not to exalt your ego or motivated by your greed. God has the perfect plan for your success. We find throughout the Bible all the good that God has established and promised in exchange for obedience to His Commandments. He reveals his will from Genesis to Revelation. It is his whole counsel to guarantee us a joyous and fulfilled life here on earth as it is in heaven.

With God all things are possible. Guarantee yourself a Happy and Prosperous New Year!