Heaven Is Not a Republic, Democracy, Dictatorship or Any Other Form of Human Government Part 1

Ramon Arias | June 17, 2013

Would you disagree unequivocally if I said evil is real and has devastating consequences? In case you do disagree, to whom or what do you attribute evil? Regardless of your definition for the origins of evil, one thing remains certain: for thousands of years, the history of the human race is one of great suffering and destruction manifested in countless ways.

Man, in order to implement his understanding of life and the world, for the most part, has used the most violent means to accomplish it. A quick overview on the rise and fall of great empires and nations should give us a greater comprehension of man’s irrational social life.

Who defines what is right and what is wrong? What is good and what is bad? What is just and what is unjust? Again, looking through the corridors of history up until our present time, we can see that human beings struggle to arrive at a conclusion regarding the source that defines the moral order of life. Even though others are convinced they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that theirs is the source for truth in spite of evil results. Without going too far into history all we have to do is look at the 20th Century already judged as the bloodiest of all. And yet, the entire better-known protagonists such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the other unknown manipulators, did not see themselves as evil men behind the curtain who were instruments for the destruction of millions upon millions of lives. They all have one thing in common and that is world dominance. It is always the dream of men to be the ones who control everything by any and all means available to them. They don’t see their goals and actions as something evil. They really believe they can create a better world with their ideas regardless of the source.

Most of the time those ideas are elaborated in such a way that once they are accepted as the real thing, it is very difficult to detach from them, that is, until everything around them collapses and it is obvious there’s no one else to blame. Only then will failures have to be replaced with another set of schemed ideas and desperate people embrace them in hopes that they have found the magical formula for a better-engineered society thinking of themselves as being indestructible. They are ready to take over the world and conform the nations after their twisted vision of life, only to repeat the same mistakes of others and fall into ruin.

Let me simplify the reason for this endless cycle throughout human history. Man really believes that he can be sovereign and master of his own destiny even if he has to ignore and reject the laws of his conscience. And what are those laws? The universe, and everything on earth was created, and man is not the one who brought it to pass. On the other hand, there are those who believe the universe and the world have a Creator, but they can manage without His guidance and drum up their own ideas thinking they can get away with it, only to find out foolishness comes with a huge price tag. And then we have another group that believes the adversary of the Creator is superior. Therefore, they pledge allegiance to him accepting the lies that he is going to deliver the world and the nations into their hands.

We would do well to gain knowledge of the true origins of the human struggle in order to have a better grasp in understanding that every living person has always had only two choices of government, and it has nothing to do with any form of government humans can come up with as evidenced in all social actions. If we truly understand and embrace the reality of who really governs the world and the nations, then we can rest assured; we will not only restore our personal sanity but also contribute for the sanity of this nation and the nations of the world.

To be continued…

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