Horrific Murder of Children and the Lesson for America

Ramon Arias | December 17, 2012

Most of us can never imagine the pain parents are suffering due to the loss of their little ones in such a horrific senseless way. It is no less painful for the family members who also lost an adult loved one in the same fatal event.

Many prayers have gone up on behalf of all the families that strength, peace and love may come out of their loss. Furthermore, prayers must to be made for all the needed answers for the reasons behind these senseless killings. Prayer is also needed to keep the political vultures from using this tragedy so this “crisis will not go to waste.” These kind of despicable heartless humans will only pretend to be so afflicted and appalled by the murdering of children but will stop at nothing to accomplish their evil ends by using this tragedy. We must pray that their hypocrisy and double standards be unmasked.

It is so easy to blame ownership of guns without accepting the real problem. For many decades, America has been digging to bury herself. Guns are never the problem; people with wicked intentions are the problem. What we witnessed in Connecticut was evil in action and we must understand what good people should have done to stop evil. Anyone who thinks that by banning guns the killings will stop is beyond naïve; they live in a fairyland and have no clue about evil’s nature even though they too suffer the poison and damage of it. You cannot always stop people who are determined to harm others, they find ways to do it regardless of all the laws that only law-abiding citizens obey and pay dearly for doing so. Do not be duped by the ignorant who advocate gun control without understanding the real intentions of those who promote such unjust laws. Their real goal is in their desperation to control the population and introduce their demonstrated brand of hell on earth.

Once we understand and accept the hard cold facts of why we find ourselves in this disgraceful condition, we could start reversing the downward spiral of the coming national death, yes; America has been dying a slow death for over two hundred years now. Can you hear the painful groaning of a dying culture?

Let us be reminded why the killings began to take place, for the most part, in public schools, our streets, homes, businesses, places of entertainment, churches, the workplace, and so many more instances.

The Marxists successfully conquered the public school system. The classroom became the pulpit to indoctrinate children and young people with the Marxist worldview. It introduced the “theory of evolution,” their godless view of the universe, and the earth which sold the idea of the supremacy of the State and rewrote the American history to eliminate the knowledge of the biblical foundation of this country and why it became exceptional. From the Marxist’s worldview, if God does not exist, then the biblical moral law is irrelevant and only man’s law is supreme. With these foundations, the cultural gates of hell have been opened, and, for the most part, everything has been going their way.

Evolution has implications beyond biology; it digs deep into the moral landscape of society. Nothing escapes the poison of evolution in most of science, technology, humanities, commerce and education. People accepted the imposition of evolution without a fight or intelligent rejection; they were too busy reaching for the “American materialistic dream.”

Then, the removal of prayer from the public schools used the BIG LIE of the separation of Church and State. Out the door went the moral restraint. If there is no God, why pray? Why worry about being held accountable for any wrong action? After getting rid of the moral restraint, violence, crime, drugs, sexual promiscuity and perversions began to increase in the public schools, it is now a plague. Once again, in the beginning most people quietly accepted this imposition without a fight.

Next came the most devastating blow against the most helpless humans when on January 22, 1973, the US Supreme Court made the decision to give a woman the right to kill her baby during pregnancy. As of January 2012, there is an estimated 54,559,615 “abortions” infanticides. This means that there are close to 4,000 babies killed per day, 137 per hour or about one baby every 30 seconds, in the cruelest manner ever conceived in the evil mind of humans. Most definitely, America has lost her mental sanity, and we should not be surprised of the consequences.

Many comments have been made in relation to the 20 children murdered by a madman in Connecticut; they are all valid by calling them innocent that never were given a chance to continue living their lives. True, children are our future, and as we think of their lives cut short and how their loving parents and family members are mourning their loss, let us not forget the children that are slaughtered every 30 seconds in the mother’s womb because the mother or both parents decided to kill them. We should mourn them also and be determined to eliminate these horrific crimes committed to almost 60 million defenseless humans.

It is hard for me to believe the sincerity of Obama’s tears for the 20 children who lost their lives and here is why: while he was state senator of Illinois he made statements on why we shouldn’t let aborted-live babies live! You check the facts. He is the first person to occupy the White House that is giving millions upon millions of tax dollars to the baby-killing industry in their mother’s womb in the U.S. and around the world. It is hard to believe he is the same man that said: “The majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids… They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings… kids of their own…” He also approves the redefinition of marriage by accepting same-sex marriages. He promotes an agenda opposite to the original vision of 1620 and 1776 that made America.

We must not overlook all the evil techniques employed by a combination of the Marxist ideology with those who have made evil their business by selling corruption to children, young people and adults in the name of “freedom of expression.” They have done a masterful job in changing the moral landscape of the nation accepting abortion, homosexuality, violent video games, movies, music, killings in videos as an ordinary way of life, making actions seem very real as the most natural behavior, accepting of suicide and removing anything that has to do with God and the Bible as much as they can using the most sophisticated marketing methods to lie, rob and destroy lives. Talk about the work of darkness; this is the epitome!

Can we expect to reap social stability and progress when the nation has changed her Godly heritage for an ungodly one? The horrific murdering of those 20 children and six adults is a clear reminder that we cannot expect to reap God’s blessings when we have allowed ungodliness to take control of most areas of social life.

Believe it or not, the “Fiscal Cliff” is the least of our principal problems. Connecticut’s tragedy and the reason why it happened is our main problem. Do not be sucked into believing we have a gun problem. The lesson for America is self-evident; as a nation, we are spiritually and morally dead. The Bible believing Christians have the solution and America has been more than ready for them! Lies will not succeed indefinitely; we must be skillful in the knowledge of Scriptures to fight the lies in all areas of life. The Biblical truth of God will bring healing to this and future generations!

“Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be refined, but the wicked shall act wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand” Daniel 12:10.