How a Person Views the Future is Important

Ramon Arias | October 8, 2013

In my writings and broadcasts, I have presented the importance of a worldview from different perspectives. By worldview I understand to mean how a person or social group interprets the world according to their beliefs about life, social institutions, the material world, the universe and even death. Our worldview influences the way we understand and respond to the world we live in.

Worldviews have been at war for over six thousand years. We all have one. Every worldview claims to be right and indisputable, and encourages everyone else that they must embrace it too.

Does it matter what your theological beliefs are? You better believe it does. Consider how Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in moral absolutes, the existence of the Creator and creationism. These three believe in the existence of a monotheistic God but not in the same way, therefore, they reap opposite social outcomes. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the world has greatly been influenced by other aggressive worldviews such as: Secular, Humanist, Communist-Marxist and a mixed pot of postmodernists teaching moral relativism, the religion of evolution and atheism as being supreme. Each one of these worldviews is a recycled idea from the past six thousand years.

The battle for the human mind has been fierce. Consider the profound divisions in these United States of America that have gone from a melting pot to a boiling pot. Society has grown so contentious it’s become a powder keg ready to detonate once again. Worldviews are at war because each “demonstrates” that they are right and everyone else is wrong. All these ideas fight to change people’s mind about their worldview. This is not an easy task in spite of how irrational that worldview may be. Beliefs go deep into the inner and social life of an individual. For some, it even goes back thousands of years since that belief originated. Once that worldview is challenged, the majority of the people will defend what they believe regardless of how misguided their ideas may be. They stubbornly ignore or refuse to accept historical facts even when they are plainly presented to them. Most people do not want to be confronted with their beliefs as they would have to question their beliefs about life, death, choices, decisions and the way they view the world and the universe.

The dominant worldviews are Christianity, Judaism, Marxism, Islam, New Age, Humanism, and Postmodernism. Another factor to consider is that every worldview within itself is highly fragmented and divided. This is one of the reasons for raising the idea of a worldview that will unify humanity into one big happy family of nations. It will happen, but not according to man’s worldview.

We should ask ourselves which is the one true worldview? The answer to that is the one that withstands time and corruption. The one that does not compromise under any circumstance: The Biblical worldview is God’s Worldview even from before the foundation of the universe and earth. Despite that it has been corrupted by Jews and later by most Christians, nevertheless, all other worldviews fall and God’s worldview remains.

Biblical and world history reveal the attitude of the true followers of God’s worldview and their unquenched, confident and powerful living faith that all the other worldviews have not been able to destroy. Not now, not ever.

All worldviews have similar ideas that cause them to have optimism. They believe they will have the final dominant belief in religion, social, intellectual and political arenas that will make the world a better place. Keep in mind that only one has passed the true test of history, God’s worldview. What is the motivation of other worldviews? First, they believe without a doubt they were destined. Second, they have confidence in their laws that they will offer the greatest good more than any other. Third, they have the conviction that nothing will defeat them and they will not settle for anything less then a total victory over all adversaries.

Karl Marx’s ideas inspired millions in Europe who were living in deep apostasy from God’s worldview. The minds of Christians in Europe were fertile ground. In spite of many defeats at the beginning, Marxism marched on since 1848 alternating between victory and defeat up until the present. The reason for their success has much to do with their conviction. They are people that desire change and produce ideas with their concept of hope. The same principals are found in the religion of Islam. Islamists openly proclaim that Islam will dominate the world. The Biblical worldview had these principles before Marxism, Islamism or any other -ism appeared on the world stage. Even before old Israel became such a special nation, God’s worldview was already in place.

Jesus Christ confirmed God’s worldview for all nations and the early disciples carried out the commission. In spite of all the historical failures in Christianity throughout two thousand years we can trace the movements of those giants of the faith who rose above all odds and will continue to rise with unshakable biblical faith confirming the supremacy of God’s government on earth as it is in heaven.

We are in the threshold of an all out war between the worldviews. What we are seeing and hearing is a prelude of things to come. Sadly, humans look to the great scientific and technological progress with all their benefits as the means for human salvation. The world cannot deny that the promised salvation is rapidly fading and its effectiveness and validity have been questioned. The same can be said of all other worldviews. This historical reality opens a great opportunity for God’s true people to take the initiative and prove that the biblical worldview is the only viable philosophic worldview.

Once again the sovereignty of God will be known and made known in the world, not by superficial feeble minds but by minds who go deep into the revealed truth of God’s written Word. The character and moral government of God will be embraced not by emotional fanatics but by critical thinkers. Biblical law once again will receive its place of honor as the only foundation where one can rebuild social institutions. Also, once again God’s true people will move forward with a conviction of total victory as they move day by day into the future with unshakable persuasion that God’s will be done on earth, in time and history, as it is in heaven. These rising, God-fearing people will overwhelmingly be salt and light leaders of the world.

How we view the future is important. To see the future through God’s eyes as revealed in His Word can only motivate us to give our all unconditionally; this is what history reveals and history is on the side of God’s true people.

“There is not a single instance in history in which civil liberty was lost and religious liberty preserved entire…. God grant that in America true religion and civil liberty may be inseparable and that the unjust attempts to destroy the one may in the issue tend to support and establishment of both.” – John Witherspoon

“To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoys. In proportion as the genuine effects of Christianity are diminished in any nation… in the same proportion will the people of that nation recede from the blessings of genuine freedom, and approximate the miseries of complete despotism. I hold this to be a truth confirmed by experience. If so, it follows that all efforts made to destroy the foundations of our holy religion ultimately tend to the subversion also of our political freedom and happiness. Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government and all the blessings which flow from them must fall with them.” – Jedidiah Morse