How to Prepare for Elections

Nena Arias | February 24, 2020

The primary elections have begun in many states. America is deciding its future.

This year 2020 is already promising to be very tumultuous and very challenging, whether we like it or not. War and the threat of war, revolutions, natural disasters and even worldwide plagues are demanding all of our attention. Here in America, we are also facing the difficult decision of a general election which includes the presidency, congressional seats, state governorships and many more important posts that impact all of our lives. All of these decisions reveal to us how divided we truly are as a nation. We are seeing people entertain and approve thoughts, ideas and lifestyles we never thought we would see their acceptance in America due to our value system more closely related to biblical values. 

The stark differences of what America used to be and what it is becoming are never more obvious than at election time. Even Christians seem more divided than ever about making their decisions in the elections. It may seem like our generation is faced with a unique set of circumstances, but whatever the case, we must remain true to our call as Christians no matter what. 

What are the most pressing issues that we must face in 2020 and how do we prepare for them? Why are so many young people so disappointed with our country and even their faith these days?  These trends represent serious crises because faith, family and country are the building blocks of a nation. When the family, church and education does not offer a solid foundation of understanding life, what is left? The cultural issues we are forced to face are very challenging especially when faith apologetics has failed and our citizens and believers are not prepared to face a hostile world against their faith. Our value system is what will help us to decide who to vote for after we have done our homework. Proper voting requires serious research to know the valuable things in the candidates we are considering.

More and more, we have become viral communities, but we should also know that a large percentage of what is posted in the Internet and social media should not be trusted. This technology in itself is not evil on its own—there is much that is very useful, providing it comes from a trustworthy source. We can and should use technology carefully as a tool, not a means that justifies a detached end in issues and relationships.

Everyone is building a worldview—which is the lens through which we see life and the world—no one is exempt. If we are not paying close attention to this structure upon which we build our opinions of life, we are in deep trouble.  There is nothing that can compare or prepare us better to filter all the knowledge that is at our fingertips like being saturated with knowledge from the Word of God—the Bible, authentic history, pure scientific and archeological discoveries. You read that right! And that is not tunnel vision. It is, first and foremost, to be plugged into the source of Almighty God whose mind is infinite who sees and understands all things thoroughly, and the best part is that he makes all that knowledge available to us at all times.

Some of the most pressing issues at stake in elections is government. How we view the role of government in our lives has everything to do with how we will filter the policies and views of the candidates you are considering. We must elect candidates that are for fiscal responsibility before we become a socialist/Marxist nation. Militant secularism (godlessness) has become more and more a popular ideas and concept that is destroying us under the so-called “separation of church and state.” It is one thing to have an official religion and quite another to throw God out the window. This separation should not mean that we exclude God out of our national life, like many interpret. When we do that, we are doomed to the mere thoughts and whims of humans. We must fight to defend our religious freedom at all cost.

Subjects that have become front and center in our country is the destruction of the nuclear family, sexual activism, disordered sexuality and sexual confusion. We now even have an openly declared homosexual who wants to be our president. He even misquotes the Bible to justify his lifestyle. From God’s perspective, there is no confusion on these matters. Pay attention to the campaign speeches of the candidates you are considering and where they stand on these issues and how determined they are to defend the structures set by God from the beginning of time for the human race. 

The Western cultural shift toward godlessness if forcing us to renounce the biblical value systems and we all contribute to that shift when we vote for candidates that not only do not uphold them but campaign against them. We cannot expect a good future if we throw away our God and our heritage and underpinnings of faith that gave us our identity as a nation in the first place.

Every citizen should accept the responsibility to never cast a vote by chance or on a whim, our future depends on the outcome of elections. It should be a well-thought-out, well-researched, and from a believer’s point of view, it should be prayed over.

Proper preparation to vote is crucial, our future will be impacted by each vote. Never underestimate the power of one vote. Many elections have been decided by one or even few votes. The importance of elections should always be taken very seriously. If the result is negative it may be a long time before, if ever, the damage can be undone or corrected.  

Always put your values into your vote.