I was her boyfriend of just a few months

At the time this happened I was her boyfriend of just a few months. We found out she was pregnant and quickly decided to have an abortion.

I took her to the abortion clinic and paid for the procedure. No one at the clinic really talked to me about the procedure, they just took the money.

There were no immediate effects. However, 7 years later after we eventually married, she began to feel very guilty and depressed over the abortion. It made me think that maybe we had done the wrong thing. Our parents got involved after we had told them what had happened.

I’ve tried to find someone who could help us with these feelings. She started attending a group and then went on to weekly therapy. I went to some of the meetings, including speaking with a VERY understanding Priest. It’s been over a year of therapy and she is feeling even better, but we still have some sad days.

This one mistake will probably change the way we think for the rest of our lives together. I may not have actually had the abortion (being the boyfriend, and now husband), but I will always feel the effects of it and my own thinking and opinions on abortion have changed. I have also learned a lot from my wife about the entire issue.