Inevitable Change

Nena Arias | April 29, 2019

The message of change is incessant these days, especially around election season. Have you ever noticed some repetitive clichés that fly around like, “the soul of our nation is at stake.” The politicians in each party tout change, but what kind of change is necessary, and what is this change based on? When they talk about the soul of the nation, it seems that soul has been corrupted and strayed very far from the foundational beliefs that this nation was built on. It is the citizenry that must be vigilant and wise in the political, social, economic, moral and cultural landscape so that it will never change for the worse, not when a society has a powerful foundation worth protecting.  

Historically, the changes on the surface appeared to be for good and people got all excited only to find that such promising changes led to conditions that were worse than before, especially when they were promised too much. America is no exception, even though our original foundation of 1620 was a solid one, a large part of that foundation has been forgotten. Continuing to ignore this change in our foundation, will be to our own peril.

When we age as a nation some changes will be inevitable that is not the change I am talking about. The landscape of communities and the world are also always changing. There are changes that come as a result of discovering the truth in science as it is applied in technology. Those changes are going to continue until the human race has full understanding of the created world. You may laugh at that statement, but it will come in the future. The pilgrims who came in 1620 to our shores came with the true vision of man and society, which they learned from the Bible. Were they perfect?  No, but they had the right perspective and were willing to risk their lives as individuals and families to make it work. In time we clearly saw that God blessed their efforts because they planted the seed for what became the most powerful and prosperous nation ever known to humanity.

We must strive to know what they knew and that is that God governs the past, present, and that he is totally in control of the future. Beware of those who think that because the future has not yet happened, they foolishly believe the present plays no part in influencing it. Those who overlook this may only become easy prey to be misguided and complicate things that should be simple to understand. This kind of thinking leaves the door open for all kinds of ideas and lifestyles to take root making humans believe they are free to do as they please not realizing they are slaves to their sinful passions, which produce tremendous cultural devastation.

Bible believing Christians have a tremendous challenge in front of them. They must know who is in total control and governs the affairs of men and nations. The only moral law that has any lasting real meaning and benefit for the human race is God’s moral law. He is the Supreme Judge; rest assured with great confidence that nothing can take place in this life outside of God’s divine plan. All of us must understand and discern what God is up to. Do not accept the simplistic and escapist mentality of those who profess to be Christians but reject their God-given responsibilities to make this world a better place to live in here and now. Erroneously, they just keep looking for the return of Jesus to come and make it all better instead of doing what we have been commissioned to do, which is to take dominion and be salt and light in this world.  

Bible believing Christians should proclaim with knowledge and conviction that no other system other than God’s moral system can change this world and make it a better place, no matter how harsh His requirements may seem. The socialists, communists, Marxists, humanists, Gnostics, atheists, progressives or liberals can’t change God’s determination of the future. He has already established it. God’s inevitable permanent change is the change you can truly believe in and wholeheartedly engage in without any shame of the outcome.

If we don’t change our course the inevitable change that will come is God’s wrath against ungodliness; historically speaking this is how he judges a nation’s sinful cultural behavior. The things that lie ahead will test the hearts of every professing Christian to know if they are truly on God’s side or not. This is no different than how he tested the inhabitants of the colonies at the beginning of the 18th century. Back then they were very wise to know not to gamble with God’s judgments; the result was a great awakening that shaped the knowledge and character of those who became the founding fathers of America.

America has sown many bad seeds of change not only in this nation but also around the world and she will be held responsible. We are witnessing the frightening development that is engulfing the nations. However, God is full of grace and mercy if we repent. With God we can face the future with confidence no different than the Psalmist when he said:

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” —Psalm 46.