Is It Intolerant Not to Support Same Sex Marriage?

By Ramon Arias

Before responding to the question whether it is considered intolerant not to support same-sex marriage, let us answer the following questions: why is it not normal for a person to steal, kill, violate and commit all kinds of crime? Why is there a civil moral law that says no it is not normal and whoever commits these violations will be penalized? Is it possible to violate the laws of physics and not suffer the consequences? Of course not!  A perfectly sane person could not say yes to the previous question.

What makes us believe that going against nature is normal? Specifically, in the case of sexual relationships between persons of the same-sex. Even animals know that sex is for reproduction of their gender, even though, there are some exceptions. That this topic even needs to be debated in the Senate to make a constitutional amendment to ban the practice of same-sex marriage, is a clear sign of moral decadence. The Senators who are in opposition to this amendment are on the side of history that condemns those civilizations that fell into the practice of same-sex sexual relations. History has judged them and their ruin was disastrous. Sexual relations between people of the same-sex have never been a normal relationship for the simple reason that men and women were created sexually different to fulfill the purpose of reproduction within a family structure. For thousands of years this has been the pillar and truth of solidly stable societies.

Marriage between a man and a woman is common sense. This is logical and it is truly a shame, though necessary, to have to resort to amending the law that will once and for all clarify that the family in a traditional setting is the one to transmit moral values. The family is also the one that develops character in its members and health to society in general. Let’s remember that as the family goes, so goes the nation.

No Senator that understands the original design of the family should dare to redefine its function, no matter the political price that he or she may have to pay. It is imperative for our elected officials to stand firm and protect the most valuable cornerstone of our society, the traditional family. Senators who want to make the constituents of their district believe that the Republicans are playing political games with this issue should seriously reconsider. This constitutional amendment is not about anybody’s political agenda but rather about the moral sanity of our nation for the present and future generations.

Whoever considers this to be a political campaign distraction and that the Senate should not waste time or energy on an amendment related to marriage, but rather on “more important issues” is dead wrong. As important as some issues are such as homeland security, immigration, health care and many other social ills, settling the issue of banning same-sex marriage is huge and of utmost importance. If the foundation of the traditional family is destroyed, a total social breakdown is soon to follow due to the immoral behavior human beings are capable of. Homeland security is important to keep outside enemies away, a constitutional amendment to protect marriage is necessary to keep enemies within in check.

Let’s not overlook that activist judges, ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing, are the guilty parties of provoking this constitutional amendment, by their arbitrary rulings that disrespect and negate the voice of the people in the states where same-sex marriage has been rejected.

If the majority of the senators do not support a constitutional amendment they are sending a very clear message to the entire nation. They are letting society in general know that its opinion and its vote does not count. A vote should not be along political party lines on this issue, but rather because you consider the foundation of the traditional family worthy to be defended at all cost.

Your vote in favor of a constitutional amendment to protect marriage is not a vote of discrimination or insult to a minority but rather in favor of the foundation set forth by the Founding Fathers. Let’s consider the words of one who is worthy of our admiration not only for his patriotism and great victories in fighting against England, but also because of his moral conviction:

“Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” — George Washington

Anyone who thinks that same sex marriage is normal should consider the facts given to us by history. No civilization that approved homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle has ever survived for very long. To generally approve same-sex marriage would be one more nail in a coffin for the United States of America. Banning same sex marriage is not an act of intolerance, but an act for national survival.