It’s Not About Hatred Against Homosexuals or Lesbians

By Ramon Arias

The homosexual community must understand that hatred has various interpretations and manifestations. When we protest against homosexual behavior it is not necessarily hatred. Our protest and rejection is against the lust and the obscene language, regardless of whether the group of people who manifest that behavior are homosexual or heterosexual. It is a lifestyle and behavior, which from the historical sociological perspective, has been unacceptable, because it contributes to moral decay and finally to the destruction of civilizations.

The conflict between homosexuals and biblical Christians is due to the fact that they are opposing moral perspectives. The fact that a certain segment of Christianity makes moral concessions does not mean that those concessions are based on biblical absolutes. The Bible is the only document that regulates action to determine what is right and what is wrong. The actions of these supposed “Christians” are reprehensible for altering the meaning of biblical morality and they have caused great detriment and confusion.

Those of us who accept God’s moral and ethical laws, as well as natural laws created by Him, do not have to apologize for our convictions. Originally, God created everything perfect, the fact that man decided to pervert that perfect order did not change the moral standards set by God. If God has defined the biological function of the body in terms of man and woman, the natural laws of nature confirm this, but if people decide to alter the function of that order, then the ones who are in error are human beings, not God.

God is the one who has established that homosexual behavior is wrong, therefore, unacceptable. This same principle is applied to any sexual deviation that separates itself from the original intention of sexual relations between men and women under a responsible commitment of marriage.

This firm moral position is what causes the homosexual community to be bothered with the rest of us and falsely judge us as persons of hate and intolerance. Those of us who have decided to identify with God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible have nothing to be ashamed of or to apologize for. We feel proud and privileged that God would give us the opportunity to reconcile with Him, not because we are better than others, but because His offer is the most intelligent and the best option for a quality of life with purpose and meaning. So it matters not how much we are insulted, yelled at, or threatened we will not acquiesce our position because our priority is to please God and not man.

However, we do recognize that within the Christian community there are those who manifest reprehensible behavior against homosexuals. Their insensitivity and lack of compassion toward the homosexuals’ needs and spiritual and emotional struggles, leaves a lot to be desired, and needless to say, has contributed greatly to the rejection they feel toward us. For this improper behavior we ask the homosexual community’s forgiveness. God expects that the same love he has extended to us be extended to you also.

To show love is not synonymous to giving into error. To be true children of God does not mean we have to accept and condone a person’s lifestyle. This is precisely why Jesus came to earth to die for all of humanity, to give us an opportunity to change our wrong way of living. There is no greater expression of love than what Jesus did for us. We come to Him just as we are, with all of our mistakes and bad behavior, but with the hope that He offers us an opportunity for total transformation.

This love makes us indebted to the Truth of God and indebted to love you. But let me make it very clear, it is precisely this love that compels us to continue to point out the right path to you for a better life.

You can continue to accuse us of being inflexible or intolerant and even declare that we are denying you your civil rights. It doesn’t matter what you think or say about us that will not keep us from praying for you or from feeling your pain, whether you understand or accept this or not, we are here to help you.

It is also vitally important for you to understand that we do not pretend to be superior to you and that a person’s sexuality is not the central theme of human behavior. The primary problem of humanity is its rebellion against God and our great need for His mercy and Grace that is extended through the shed blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins. Any person who is in enmity with God needs His forgiveness, and should abandon their sinful lifestyle to become reconciled with God to begin a new life founded upon God’s morals and ethics, as revealed in His Word.

We are not the authors of this moral and ethical message. If you reject us, you are not rejecting us, but rather the author of life, the world and the universe. We are obligated to continue to love you, even though you may continue to accuse us of being hateful and intolerant.

What we should do intelligently, without being destructive, is to dialogue, debate and exhaustively analyze all perspectives from all angles so that historical, scientific and intellectual truth will render its evidence of our argument and prevail.

If we are mistaken, then we will have to modify. In the same manner, if you are mistaken you should turn and begin on the road of transformation that will favor not only you but all of humanity.

I hope this is helpful in understanding our position of non-hatred and intolerance to your homosexual lifestyle, but rather of genuine love for your well being, in this life and throughout eternity.