Lauren Pulliam Story

Tiny Witness

Lauren Pulliam was never supposed to leave the Planned Parenthood abortion mill alive. She was supposed to leave as lifeless “tissue” in the trash. However, as in the case of Heidi Huffman, the would-be assassin in the medical frock “goofed.” When Lauren’s mom, an unmarried teenager, returned to the abortuary for a checkup, she learned she was still pregnant; Lauren was still there. The Planned Parenthood vultures tried to reschedule her for another session to kill the baby, but she fled their deadly clutches. The troubled teen went to a “respected” obstetrician who, after conducting an ultra-sound, informed her that the baby had “abnormalities” and suggested she should consider re-aborting. But Lauren’s mother refused and carried her almost to full term. Lauren was born one month early. Lauren’s grandparents, who had tried to stop their daughter from having an abortion in the first place and had earnestly prayed for the baby’s life, had their prayers answered. “Our daughter was in labor only twenty minutes,” says Lauren’s grandmother, Pat Pulliam. “The baby was six pounds and absolutely perfect in every way…. Our daughter has been chosen to know the fullness of Christ’s love, care and forgiveness. Our lives will never be the same.”