Looming Dangers Then and Now

Ramon Arias | February 29, 2016

The past has so much to teach us about our present condition as a nation. It also warns us of things we can expect if the same courses of actions are repeated. As we continue this turbulent election season we’ll do well in remembering those who experienced the before and after of the American experiment—the first, and only one of its kind of government in world history.

The patriot, historian of the American Revolution, educator, and “Father of the American Geography” Dr. Jedidiah Morse, in his message Exhibiting the Present Dangers and Consequent Duties of the Citizens of the United States of America, delivered on The Day of National Fast, April 25, 1799, said:

To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoys. All efforts made to destroy the foundations of our Holy Religion ultimately tend to the subversion also of our political freedom and happiness. In proportion as the genuine effects of Christianity are diminished in any nation… in the same proportion will the people of that nation recede from the blessings of genuine freedom… Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government – and all the blessings which flow from them – must fall with them.”

Every professing Christian in this nation has an immense moral and spiritual debt to the past, present and future generations. Consider what America has become in the last 217 years since Dr. Morse delivered his message of warning to the new society that was enjoying the fruit of their sacrifice.

The influence of Biblical Christianity must not continue to be ignored by the overwhelming majority of Christians in the United States. It is a well-known historical fact that there is no social freedom, political stability and progress outside of biblical philosophy; this is not a religious sentiment or wishful thinking, as I said, history proves it.

The gradual dismantling of America’s rich biblical culture is a guaranty of loss of freedom in all areas of life. Christians should take notice that the removal of the pillars of Christianity means that they will be replaced with others that can only be poor imitations and will always prove their weakness and lead the social system to collapse.

Christians must understand how vital Biblical Christianity is, not just in their personal and family life, but also at the national and international level. Christians must understand the reality of who they are before God and what He expects from those whom He has chosen to produce the results they were commanded to accomplish.    

It is not enough to read that we have the mind of Christ, (1 Corinthians 2:16), or that His life in us is the hope for humanity, (Colossians 1:27). We must manifest exceptional human qualities; there are no exceptions if we want to be His.

Those who perpetrate the evil humanistic worldview to accomplish their end goal have used mostly unsuspecting Christians as allies. It is no small wonder that people who reject God’s absolutes use all the possible means of communication as weapons to persuade the minds of those who don’t live guided by the Holy Spirit. We are constantly bombarded with false information as expressed in social and digital media, magazines, newspapers, printed material and a host of other communication tools. We are responsible for sorting out what is false and what is true.

For a guy who doesn’t know his Bible well, Trump is right when he says America is going to hell. Let me add that it is not in a hand basket; it is going to hell rapidly in a broad way and at an increasingly high speed, always gaining more and more momentum.

As God’s people, we are in constant need of discernment, which is only provided by the Holy Spirit and The Scriptures. Lying is so commonplace today, that people lie with a straight face over and over again, and I don’t mean only during election time. Most politicians lie to reinvent themselves and sell their false messianic message to the masses guarantying them salvation, and a good life for all.

Since the beginning of this nation, up until now, Christians have stood up to the elite and their special interests, lobbyists, millionaires and billionaires who have decomposed the political machinery of both party systems. The Christian’s only power against such machinery is total commitment to a covenant with the God of the Bible.

I will never relent my affirmation that the future of this nation is placed in the hands of God’s people who have been commissioned by Him. They are the most capable defenders and restorers of her foundations. The question is, are we willing to obey God in this plan rather than man?

The looming dangers then were no fairytale and neither are they a fairytale now!

“And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in.”  (Isaiah 58:12)