New Orleans is The Latest Victim of History’s Liberal Revisionists

Andrew West | April 24, 2017

The American leftists have a very peculiar relationship with history, symbolism, and the truth.  Now, New Orleans is suffering because of it.

( – America’s liberals have been working overtime in recent years to whitewash the history of our nation’s Civil War, or, the war of Northern aggression.  Through liberal leaning institutions of learning, the Civil War has been intrinsically linked to slavery.  While historical scholars will be quick to point out that the war had much more to do with the federal government’s encroachment on states’ rights than the buying and selling of people, the reason for the false presumption continuing to be taught as fact is a political one.

Slavery, in all forms, is an evil reality of history.  Certainly, no reputable member of society would condone or consider reinstating the atrocious practice, but by linking the American South to slavery, democratic politicians can aggressively polarize voting regions to behoove their campaigns’ chances of success.

Now, under the false pretense that the death, horror, and destruction of the Civil War was all due to the South’s evil insistence on slavery, a liberal whitewashing of history has begun.  

“’We will no longer allow the Confederacy to literally be put on a pedestal in the heart of our city.’ – New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

“The City of New Orleans removed the first of four Confederate monuments this morning in an effort to appease those who believe the monuments represent racism or pretty much anything else they object to. By erasing our past, do we change anything?

“Some on Twitter are saying:

“’New Orleans starts taking down Confederate statues, like ISIS did in the Middle East removing the history of our lives.’

“It’s not that we can compare religious persecution to a cleansing of history but it does have some similarities.

“Emotions are running high because this involves a time in our history that brother fought brother and died…”

The erasure of the sacrifice of those who fought and died for the Confederacy is an unacceptable action.  This revisionist history has no place in a free and sovereign nation, and the total removal of the Civil War from history is a dangerous precedent to set.