People Willingly Accept Tyranny

Ramon Arias | July 7, 2014

The American people from the 19th and 20th centuries had no clue what tyranny looked like.  The 21st century people are not faring any better unless they migrated from a nation dominated by that system of government and culture. Immigrants who have lived under tyrannical oppression are the ones who are in shock to see America going down the same slippery slope of tyranny and how the overwhelming majority of its citizens are clueless, in spite of their much-celebrated Independence Day!

What do you know about tyranny? How much honest research have you done? What comes to your mind when you read or see on the television what takes place in other nations as the results of social turmoil? Do you even know how to describe it?

America does not have an absolute ruler, not yet, but it is not far from it. Every decade the conditions continue to pave the way for such a person to be crowned tyrant. What we now have is an increasingly despotic form of government that day by day grows with unrestrained power and despises the priceless value of the character in the individual.

Consider one way the government destroys character. The government transfers wealth to masses of dependents, through the welfare system, by providing for them through many methods in such a way that millions of people do not even want to call it for what it is. They have come to believe it is owed to them and could care less that the “generosity” of government comes by stealing from the productive core of society. Political despots depend upon people to keep them in power. Once you understand this you begin to see how tyranny is already in place in this country.

There was a time when getting money from the government was shameful. Now it has become the norm by the growing numbers who demand from the government, which is becoming the American way of life. The perverted agenda of taking care of people from the cradle to the grave, who could otherwise take care of themselves, has polarized this country and promises to get worse as the taxes and regulations on the middle class increase.   

The taker mentality, expecting government benefits, creates people who are more than willing to impose tyranny upon the hard-working class yet keep them earning meager wages. The rest of their income is “collected” by the government to redistribute it, including those who favor this in the corporate world.

How long can a society survive under such cultural climate of lack of character? Who is going to continue to pay for the unwilling masses that refuse to be responsible and productive and for those who are part of the wealthy welfare beneficiaries? What do you think? Is it to late for America to stop this form of tyranny? Or, will people snap out of this hypnotic mentality and refuse to put their children and their grandchildren under such bondage? Will people refuse to be complicit with this despotic government and reject their dependency of handouts? Are people willing to stop the culture of grabbing as much of the wealth of others as possible? Time will tell.

America has gone from liberty to debauchery.  This change opens the door for another powerful way of tyranny to thrive. America was the first nation to understand the total importance of liberty under God and patriots fought with their lives and wealth to secure it. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines debauchery as: immoral conduct or practices harmful or offensive to society. It also gives us the following synonyms: corruption, depravity, immorality, iniquity, libertinage, libertinism, licentiousness, profligacy and sin. In related words, the dictionary uses many easy to understand words for us to identify such as bad, evil, evildoing, ill, villainy, wickedness, wrong, sinfulness, unscrupulousness, viciousness, corruptness, debasement, degeneracy, degeneration dissolution, indecency, perversion, abomination, criminality, despicableness, lousiness, miserableness and wretchedness. Do you get the picture?

More and more Americans are aware of losing liberties. What we also must understand is that when liberty is exchanged for debauchery, making them equals, they cannot peaceably coexist. Can a Christian or conservative pursue liberty and be dominated by strongly embracing debauchery yet expecting the outcome to be peace, love, joy and social well-being? Of course not, what they have is self-imposed cultural tyranny.

Remember how our first parents, Adam and Eve, lost liberty under God? I’m sure you do, they rebelled against one moral law. Through their rebellion, sin entered into the human race. In wanting to be wiser, they became foolish and here we are (Genesis 3). Debauchery is an act of our sinful will.

Two thousand years ago the nation of Israel boasted of being God’s chosen and yet they were under the tyranny of the Roman Empire. They told Jesus God was their Father. However, Jesus revealed to them the devil was their father, the evidence of this was easily detected through the Israelites lack of character and cultural chaos.  This does not reflect people who live their rights and liberties under God (John 8:31-47).

America can only get out of this present mess when Christians repent and turn away from their wicked ways (2 Chronicles 7:14). When they are in right standing with God and His moral law, they will be able to show the unbelieving society the difference between liberty and debauchery. And how they can obtain a transformed life to build character by recognizing how destructive sin is in their lives and how they can overcome it and grow into a new life.

Liberty under God destroys tyranny, debauchery demands tyranny.  We decide!