Political Compassion or Anticipated Unkind Agenda Using Refugees?

Ramon Arias | July 28, 2014

By now smart people know the border crisis was intentionally caused by the present administration as part of a ploy to push amnesty for 11, 20, 30 million or more illegals in this country.

Here is a question for you: what do we call those who use people for political and economic purposes in spite of the suffering inflicted upon the unfortunate targets? Answer: a despicably inhumane and heartless action that is worse than animals. Humans are different than animals, regardless of what evolutionists have been saying to the contrary. Humans are governed by a moral conscious that animals do not posses.   

Let us not forget people always pay a high price for failed policies in their respective countries, including the United States of America. Unscrupulous individuals who see politics as a means to implement their historically proven failed worldviews grab on to power by any means available and are always determined to crush any opposition to their twisted socialist hellish way of life.

In a clear provocation to change the mid-term elections, this administration now wants to redefine their created illegal border crises to one of a refugee status. Why the change? Rest assured it is not the result of a more compassionate attitude, quite the contrary, it is an opportunity to provoke national guilt and in the process force the opposition to impeach the first mulatto (of mixed race white and black parents) president of the U.S.A. What is the political gain? Enormous for the leftists! What are the consequences? National wreckage! More people are becoming aware of the Democrat Party’s devastating policies as we witness their horrible effects in the blue states, and cities throughout the nation. They need something like a presidential impeachment that can polarize the nation and not have a humiliating defeat in the mid-term elections. Are Republicans the saintly ones? Far from it, nowadays, you cannot tell the difference between some Republicans and the leftist Democrats.

Let us not lose sight of the truth.  The Central American children, teenagers and the adults coming with them are coming because the news in Central America is that they will receive amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for those who are here illegally.  They are told if they can make it they will hit the jackpot. The border crisis is not the face of refugees but of those who have been motivated by this administration to achieve legal status once they cross the border violating the laws. We know amnesty (immigration reform) does not work, President Reagan did it in 1986; the border was not secured neither were the immigration laws implemented and that only increased the problem of illegals in this country.

Why does the White House occupant want to grant refugee status to the influx of Central Americans in this stampede that he created? In addition to what I mentioned earlier, the idea of refugees is more a “politically correct” move that can be easily accepted by the American people. Refugees are the casualties of war, persecution, widespread violence, and when people fear for their lives and the safety of their families. Under these circumstances, people leave their homes, and they are willing to begin a journey to find a better place regardless of how far they have to go. Refugees are subject to tremendous hardships and dependency upon the generosity of those along the way that can give handouts of food and other necessities. They are exposed to all kinds of health hazards of cholera, malaria, hepatitis, dysentery, and other diseases. There are hundreds of refugee camps worldwide with millions of people that have been uprooted from their homes because their lives were threatened.

Although Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are under severe social unrest and high crime, the exodus of their children and teenagers towards the border of the United States has more to do with getting amnesty. They want to live in the United States of America and in time become the means for their parents to gain permanent residency; after all it is being promoted that we should keep the families united.  Never mind that it is the parents in the first place who are splitting their families. They are the ones who are putting them in great danger, unspeakable suffering, sexual molestation and death when they force their kids to make the trek up north. 

The new “refugee” scam being used by unscrupulous politicians, who will use any means for their evil agendas, aims to convince the American people that it is the right thing to do. Who better to use the political wand than Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to hypnotize drowsy Americans with her cunning skills?

Check this out, Pelosi in an MSNBC “Morning Joe” interview said:

“I reference the conference of bishops statement in which they say baby Jesus was a refugee from violence. Let us not turn away these children and send them back into a burning building. That’s the bishops, so we have to do this in a way that honors our values but also protects our border and does so in a way that the American people understand more clearly.”

Hold on, there is more. On C-SPAN the “magnificent intellectual” House Minority Leader Pelosi briefed reporters by saying: “You could even speak about, if it’s your tradition, Moses,” she said. “What would we do if Moses had not been accepted by the Pharaoh’s family? We wouldn’t have the Ten Commandments for starters.”

Now Pelosi pulls her Bible stunt by saying Moses was helped by Pharaoh’s house, and this is the reason we have the Ten Commandments for starters. Very interesting, Mrs. Pelosi reminds us baby Jesus was a refugee, and Pharaoh’s family helped Moses and that is the basis to accept the illegal immigrants, which are now overwhelming our southern border.

Pelosi is the same person who as the House speaker told Congress to pass the Obama care bill into law and then they could read what was in it. How is that working for us? She is the same person that condemns politicians who are pro-life for using the Bible because for her it is okay to kill babies from conception even though science, morality and biblical law are against her judgment. Now she plays her Bible knowledge card to justify breaking of the law.

Why is she using baby Jesus and baby Moses? I can tell you many reasons but here’s the main one: for us to connect the suffering children from Central America with two well known historical figures in Christianity and the world, Jesus and Moses. Pelosi’s purpose for using her “biblical knowledge” is pure manipulation!

You are going to have to do your homework to catch all the flaws used in this comparison of baby Jesus and baby Moses. First, analyze the reasons Jesus (about two years old) was sent to Egypt. By the way, his parents did not send him alone, they went with him and then returned to Nazareth, Matthew 2. Here’s a hint, check the map of the ancient Roman Empire, and you will see that it’s border extended to the deserts of Africa, the cataracts (waterfalls) of the Nile and the Arabian deserts. Jesus had no need for a passport, visa or to cross into Egypt illegally. The land and countries were under Rome.

As for Moses (Exodus 1-2), he was born at a time when Pharaoh’s orders were to kill all the male Hebrews children two year and younger. His daughter accepted baby Moses, who was floating in the Nile River and made him her son. Her heart was for one male Hebrew, not all Hebrew babies who were being killed. Americans have a big heart for adopting foreign children, isn’t that the best way to help with unwanted children or children who are in jeopardy?

It is tragic that the majority of Christians in America are biblical worldview neophytes and we have been paying the price for such negligence of rebelling against her biblical foundation. Nancy Pelosi and Christian America need to understand the meaning of being born-again in Christ and the importance of applying the law of God given to Moses for all areas of life.

America has her own internal violence that is growing by leaps and bounds in more than 100 cities of all sizes in the nation. This violence is no different then what Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are experiencing. Here’s a couple of questions to government officials at all levels, Christian leadership and illegal immigrant advocates: why do you want to bring these little children from their violent nations to place them in another high-crime community, far away from their families and country? The second question is, where are we going to send our children and teenagers and moms who are suffering the terrible consequences of violence in their cities?

 America, wake up and do not let the so-called political compassion or anticipated unkind agenda of using refugees blind you to the reality of this horrendous manipulation. There are uncomplicated solutions for Central America and for the evil that is growing in America and the rest of the world. Jesus said pray for God’s will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Jesus Christ and the moral law given to Moses is God’s plan for social restoration. Let’s get on with our job and responsibility of bringing it to pass.