Rissa Arias

Ramon Arias | November 23, 2015

Like a spoiled brat, and certainly not as the man who is vested with a position of great responsibility, Obama lashes out at Republicans for rejecting Syrian refugees because the government lacks an effective vetting process to weed-out Islamic warriors from coming into this nation to carry out their evil goal of killing Americans.

In his despising remarks against Republicans, Obama said they are “scared of widows and orphans” and scolded those who prefer Christian refugees instead of Muslims. I’m sure he is more than aware that not just those in the House and Senate have expressed this, but also many governors don’t want, for the time being, to accept Syrian refugees in their states, which includes some Democrats as well.

How about the new Bloomberg poll:

“Most Americans want the U.S. to stop letting in Syrian refugees amid fears of terrorist infiltrations after the Paris attacks, siding with Republican presidential candidates, governors, and lawmakers who want to freeze the Obama administration’s resettlement program….

Fifty-three percent say the nation should not continue a program to resettle Syrian refugees, 11 percent said they would favor a limited program to accept only Syrian Christians while excluding Muslims, a proposal Obama has dismissed as ‘shameful’ and un-American.” [1]

If you disagree with Obama’s plan to continue with his fundamental transformation of America, you are un-American. This became apparent since he arrived in the White House and began his transformational work with hardly any opposition.

Why is Obama so angry? Could it be because his worldview is collapsing? Is it because the world knows of his inability to lead and doesn’t trust him? This is becoming more apparent now that Russia and France are taking the lead against the Islamic state. Keep in mind that the president of France is a hard left socialist; yet, he closed France’s borders and immediately began bombing ISIS after the attacks in Paris.

Millions of Americans are beginning to see through Obama’s plan, something that millions knew about him, which is why they didn’t vote for him the first time or for his reelection. He wants a totally different America, where the original foundation of 1620 would be forever forgotten.

Right after ISIS’ coordinated attacks in Paris, Obama said that: “it was an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.” Who can swallow such a misguided statement and hypocrisy? Obama doesn’t believe in universal values other than implementing the ideology he embraces.

The world is profoundly divided by worldviews and each one wants to be the dominant one. Next time you see the bumper sticker that reads, “coexist”, think again what each symbol represents and what are the chances that they will embrace each other peacefully?

Do you think all the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world share our present decadent values? How about abortion, homosexuality and a life style contrary to theirs? Why is it that Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle Eastern Muslim nations do not share American values of freedom of speech, women’s rights and freedom of religion? The Islamic faith, culture and civilization believe they are superior to any other.

Do you think Christian America has much in common with France and other European nations that have rejected the God of the Bible? What about China, Japan, India and other nations with totally different worldviews? 

Obama has been lecturing America on how to be Christian from his worldview; he has mocked the God of the Bible and His laws, and ridiculed Jesus Christ, yet he still wants Christians to be submissive?

Throughout history, America has been known as a Christian nation even though Obama says the opposite. America’s foundation was built on biblical principles and Christian character. People poured in from Europe seeking greater liberty to express their Christian faith and they populated the 13 colonies sharing a common identity even though they came from different origins. After the founding of the new nation of the United States of America, 98% professed the Protestant faith, 1.8% Catholic faith, and 0.2% professed the Jewish faith.

The vision for the world does not originate with men but with God, Genesis 1:1. Humans are created in God’s image and likeness and our first parents, Adam and Eve, received from God the commission to populate the world and have dominion over it (Genesis 1:26-28). Their rebellion against God’s commandment introduced sin to the human race and the world. Yet, God has not abandoned his original plan for all of humanity to come to the knowledge of His salvation in Jesus Christ. Two thousand years ago Jesus commissioned his followers to disciple the nations and according to God it will take place because people of all nations must understand His knowledge, which are the true universal values. This is the original meaning of being an American!

This month marks the 395th year since the Pilgrims, who sailed in the Mayflower, landed on what is now known as Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. This Thanksgiving do something special that is significantly related to the history of the vision and purpose that led the Pilgrims to make the voyage to a new land where God’s moral absolutes and principals would develop these new communities and spread His knowledge to the nations.

It is un-American not to know the nation’s biblical roots for without that knowledge America will perish. The outcome is up to us, who call ourselves God’s people.