Rissa Arias

Ramon Arias | March 7, 2016

If you were to take the national temperature for the level of anger, frustration and discouragement, what would you say it would be?

Anger, frustration, and despair are at a high level and it is growing. The finger pointing is going in all directions, this is a significant national problem, it is very threatening, and it is creating very volatile situations. From the historical and sociological perspective, the present social condition is unhealthy, and if not corrected with the proper understanding of solving all problems, then we will live to regret it.

People are clamoring for prosperity, stability and equality manifested through social justice. Guess what? For thousands of years, people have demanded the very same things, but only two nations have had the proper foundation to achieve them. The first one was old Israel, and after Christ’s coming to earth to redeem us, the United States of America is the only other nation that has achieved this.

America, like ancient Israel, has forgotten that the source of greatness is not found in man’s wisdom but only in God’s.

America wants the benefits of God’s created world without any commitment to live by His standards. How did that work for old Israel? That is just it, it didn’t work, and so what makes us think it will work for us? Looking at our history, we can honestly say it hasn’t worked for us for a long time either and now we find ourselves in a parallel situation as Israel did when it distanced itself from God.

America has not learned from the mistakes of old Israel and has embraced the destructive ideologies of other nations that totally reject God’s principles for politics, economics, social development and stability. America is looking for men to save her and in the process she is denying God’s Lordship. A common mistake in apostate Christianity is the acceptance of God as Savior, but not as Sovereign King.

We must come to the realization in this country that we will never reach the level of restoration without returning back to God so desire without accepting the Lordship of the Almighty is only wishful thinking. We must not see Jesus Christ as a distant coming King. When He ascended into heaven, He was crowned King of kings and Lord of lords. He is now seated at the right hand of the Father where He rules and reigns (Acts 2:33-35; 1 Timothy 6:15; Revelation 1:5, 17:14, Revelation 19:11-16; Deuteronomy 10:17). 

Salvation in Christ Jesus can never go hand-in-hand with disobedience to God’s precepts. Christ’s redemption and Lordship go together to make God’s people knowledgeable, wise, courageous, and robust in their understanding of how life and social institutions should work according to God’s divine plan for humanity.

Of all people, professing Christians should have a clear understanding of that disobedience to God’s principles is rebellion and of pagan origin. Attempting to build salvation and security through paganism is in the opposite direction of God’s moral law; history has condemned these futile attempts every single time.

Israel was the first model of a nation with godly laws, precepts and commandments without comparison. We learned from them that they wanted to liberate themselves from God’s requirements, and at the same time they expected His blessings. This never worked though and it will never work for America either. Just like God rejected Israel so it will be with this nation that only pays lip service of being under Him. We are not “One Nation Under God.”

When God formed biblical Israel, it was an exceptional nation with a unique model of political ideology to shape all her culture and institutions. God gave them His divine law that produces real justice and impartiality. God’s political foundation is His righteousness that keeps people accountable to Him and produces good human character and behavior. America was birthed with this same foundation in 1620, but gradually, it has moved away from that bedrock, which is why we should not be confused that we find ourselves in such turmoil throughout this land in our times.

A worldview is what societies believe and build upon; it is what defines them and their political institutions. It is not enough to desire the right president or the right political party; all nations desire this very same thing. Elected officials who are not solid in their biblical understanding and convictions will never execute their oath of office as expected. What can we demand of those who do not profess the biblical faith? The obvious is that they have their ethics, understanding of politics and worldview that shape their radical ideas. There should be no surprise that these “public servants” see themselves as the law and will fight anyone that opposes them. Make no mistake they despise the biblical worldview.

The year 2017 will be the 500-year anniversary of the biblical Reformation, which took place in Europe. What is needed is a reformation once again. It is of vital importance that this nation be in covenant with the God of the Bible and bring back into focus His blueprint for a nation.

One hundred years later, the Reformation that started in Europe reached the shores of this continent with the coming of the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Covenanters. This opened the door for the arrival of more colonists who were focused on the central idea of a return to the full counsel of biblical foundations. The result was the resurgence of the application of God’s moral law and ethics in all areas of philosophy, which included politics, economics, and social institutions.

The biblical Reformation of 1517 was a call for the individual inner transformation that would impact culture, touching every area of life including civil government. Hundreds of thousands paid the ultimate price to accomplish this and America benefitted from their sacrifice.  

The French Protestant reformer, John Calvin (1509–1564), warned the people of Geneva:

“And ye, o peoples to whom God gave the liberty to choose your own magistrates, see to it that ye do not forfeit this favor by electing to the positions of highest honor, rascals and enemies of God.” 1

Do you think Calvin’s warning applies to the 21st-century Christians in America? The truth is that these warnings have been given to this nation for well over 200 years, to our detriment, it has not taken hold of the heart of most Christians who, generation after generation, have accepted corrupt rulers.

Make no mistake; Christianity needs a new biblical Reformation that by far supersedes the one of 1517. Christians in America need a fresh vision from God and His liberty. Committed believers in Christ must not place any politician or political party over the Sovereignty of God, who is the Supreme Ruler of men and nations. Once again, Christians in America must acknowledge that God is the only source of true prosperity. 

Christian America must come to terms and acknowledge that it is no longer acceptable before God and Jesus Christ to talk about bringing change to the nation without actually doing it. Action is what is required and demanded by God our Father and by our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

The nation is confused because we are in grave spiritual decline and the anger, frustration and discouragement can only be diffused when God’s people, without hesitation and with boldness, knowledge and wisdom, speak the truth of God at all times and in all places.

We decide what agenda we want to be implemented in this nation. Will we follow God or men? The future of Christian America is upon our shoulders, and we should know this; the wrath of God is closer than we can imagine.

May God have mercy upon us if we ignore His warnings.