Rissa Arias

Ramon Arias | August 26, 2013

Are you satisfied with the condition of the nation? If so, you don’t have to read any further because the following information is for those who are aware that our national affairs are not in good order.

A person’s worldview is important and everybody has one. If you think the diversity of perspectives we have in our society today is evidence of our “grand intellectual” development, think again.

The history of civilizations that have had great cultural development only to later collapse have had something in common with the all the grand nations that rise and fall. They lose the true value of life due to the worldview that has dominated the majority at that time. One need not be a prophet to know where the nation is headed. All of the symptoms that were present at the time of the fall of these great civilizations are all present in abundance in our times. Philosophers have tried everything over the centuries. It is beyond me why the same failed ideas and useless philosophies get recycled over and over again only to fail again and again.

The predominant worldview of our time is secular humanism. The humanistic worldview is in its prime and considers itself invincible, except for the great obstacle biblical Christianity presents.  For this reason, humanists project Christianity as the last bastion in society that must be eliminated, but to accomplish this they must constantly seek to control and neutralize it; though weak, Christianity still has social influence. 

The Secular Humanists have their great luminaries and defenders such as Richard Dawkins, one of the most prominent atheists and secularist humanists that has influenced millions of people with his atheistic “incomparable greatness” which he presents as the only viable solution for stability and progress for humanity.  Dawkins is a relentless warrior who strongly believes in the assurance that the terrible biblical worldview will soon be replaced and destroyed never to reappear in the course of humankind.

Dawkins is not alone in his attacks. He has his allies in various, strongly financed leftists organizations such as People for the American Way and the “reverend” Barry Lynn with his Americans United For The Separation of Church and State, especially the latter confuses many, including Christians because of his title as “reverend.”[1]

These two organizations are only two examples of the many that are constantly on the attack of individuals or organizations who teach the biblical perspective of life. Organizations, which seek to equip Christian believers to defend the faith with intelligence, which is free of religious fanaticism. Why do atheists behave in this manner? They are only manifesting how destructive atheistic lies and ideas have always been.

Another fear factor for atheists like Dawkins and leftist organizations are the many atheists, agnostics, lukewarm and cold Christian affiliates who are abandoning the secular humanistic camp. Now they are becoming serious spokespersons for the biblical perspective and have become disciples of Jesus Christ.   They rudely awakened when they realized that the governments of atheistic nations in the 20th century were responsible for the assassinations of 130 million people. These statistics do not include the wars in which they were participants. The atheistic ideology has never produced good results. Its empty promises have never had lasting solidity. The hatred they have for the God of the Bible and His precepts is evident. They detest seeing God’s principles applied to all areas of life because when applied properly, they work.

Atheistic and humanistic ideas are nothing to worry about because they always fail. Humanist philosophy either drives us to God or drives us insane.  This does not mean we should ignore them. What should be of greater concern is the condition of Christians who have a different worldview than God.

The success, which secular humanists enjoy, is not because they offer better ideas for human development, rather it is due to the false anemic teaching, the majority of those of the Christian faith have received. The statistics researchers have found among Christian adults and their perspective of life and the world are very revealing and terrifying for the future of mankind if the tendencies don’t change:

  • 64% believe moral truth depends on the situation;
  • 60% believe male/female co-habitation outside of marriage is acceptable;  
  • 55% believe a good person can earn his or her salvation;
  •  44% believe Jesus Christ committed sins while on earth.[2]

Now consider the life perspective that university students have who will be in control of society:

  • 67% of college professors approve of homosexuality;
  • 84% of professors approve of abortion;
  • 65% embrace socialist and communist ideals;
  • 88% of students from “Christian” homes deny their faith before they graduate from college;
  • 91% of students from evangelical churches do not believe in absolute moral truth.[3]

Now what do you think? Do you really think that a person’s worldview really does not matter? I trust these statistics will make you stop and think and burden you to intercede for these tendencies to change for the better. What’s more important is to ask yourself, if you are among the statistics mentioned above.