Saudi Arabia Building 600 Mile Fence to Keep ISIS Out While Obama Keeps Our Border Open to Terrorists

Dave Jolly | January 21, 2015

With several thousand illegals dying from exposure in the southwest deserts along the US-Mexico border along with many thousands of illegals surviving the perilous crossing, then President George W. Bush started building a fence along the border. The fence was proposed in 2005 with the plans to secure the entire 1,951 miles of border. The plan also called for a 100 yard border zone on the US side of the fence. 

The House passed a measure in 2005 which called for mandatory fencing of 698 miles of the border. In 2006, the Senate proposed a plan for only 370 miles of triple-layered fencing, but the measure failed. Later in 2006, a second plan passed both House and Senate with authorized the ‘possible’ construction of 700 miles of fence.

Mexico and other Latin American counties opposed the US plans to erect a secure fence. They figured that the more poor people that left their countries for the US the better it is for them.

In 2012, Republicans wanted to renew the fencing effort, claiming that not all of the original plan had been accomplished, but the Democrats successfully fought any further efforts to build border fence or to secure the border. After all, the influx of illegal voters was more important to them than protecting the US from terrorists crossing the border. There has been quite a bit of evidence left in the desert that suggests a large number of Muslims, some of which could be terrorists, have crossed into the country. There is also ample evidence that ISIS has been in communication with some of the drug cartels that traffics illegal drugs into the US, but still Obama and the Democrats refuse to finish the fence or secure the border.

Since Obama seems to only care about Muslims and Muslim nations, perhaps he should take a lesson from Saudi Arabia. In 2013, Saudi Arabia built a barrier to secure 1,100 miles of their southern border with Yemen. They are currently building a 600 mile long fence along their northern border with Iraq in order to help keep ISIS extremists out of their country.

According to Newsweek:

“Once completed, the wall will consist of a ditch and a triple-layered steel fence, with 40 watchtowers spread out along it. Each watchtower will be equipped with high-tech surveillance radars that are capable of detecting low-flying helicopters and approaching vehicles, as well as being able to spot a human from the range of about 20km.”

“There will also be 38 separate communication towers in place and 32 military response stations, as well as 240 armed rapid response vehicles which will patrol the wall.”

Interestingly, I haven’t heard of any neighboring countries complaining about the Saudi border fencing like our neighbors have been doing whenever we try to secure our borders. It’s also interesting that while Mexico condemns the US for wanting to secure our border to keep their people out, they arrest and deport more illegals for entering their country than we do.

Since Obama likes to throw what other countries do in our faces and say we have to be more like them, we should be throwing Saudi Arabia’s example in his face and demanding that we be more like them in building security fencing along the border and fortifying it with technology and troops.

I’ve been advocating that we bring our troops home and station them along our border. It’s time we use our own troops to protect the US instead of protecting the countries that only want to destroy us.