So Much For a Peaceful Religion

Ramon Arias | August 25, 2014

The Western world must come to grips with and admit that their mythical position of Islam as a religion of peace is anything but.  The historical fact is that they have never been nor ever will be an ideology of peace with those that differ.   

Islam, like any other ideology of faith, is based upon civil, economic and social laws, as they are established in their holy book, the Quran. Islam also has different denominations, which means different views of interpretation and application of the Quran. This is no different than any other ideology be it socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and many others, including Christianity, which have committed atrocities in the name of their beliefs and the fruit of their hatred and violence.

Of course, we raise our voices in condemnation for the horrific and barbaric beheading of James Foley. Let us not forget another American, Paul Johnson, who suffered the same end, as well as the South Korean born-again Christian Kim Sun-il, the recent Christian men, women and children and other ethnic groups as well as Muslims from other denominations.  Yes, these Muslims are merciless, murdering savages but full of pride when they yell the now too familiar praise to their god for their actions, “Allahu Akbar” [Allah is great] and they parade the victims’ heads as proof of their “great accomplishments”.

Should we be in shock? Not if we know Islam’s history from its inception up until today. Muhammad’s teachings and actions are a history of violence against anyone who opposes their beliefs. From the very beginning, he taught that the way to convert others to his instituted faith was and still is by force. There are so many biographies about Muhammad, I highly recommend “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)” by the expert Robert Spencer. You will learn about Islam’s continuing, unwavering mission for global conquest and Spencer’s warning on how the west faces the same threat as the Crusader’s war against Islam 1096-1798 and what we must learn from their experience. Most people have a misguided understanding of the Crusades. The religion of Islam and their beheading of infidels, as established by their leader and prophet Muhammad, made it clear that unless infidels convert to Islam they should be killed. If allowed to live they must live without any rights and always be subject to paying high taxes and all kinds of abuses for the privilege of living among Muslims.  

For Muslims, their first priority is to eliminate Western influence from the Middle East and to go back to the way things were in the seventh century. In their agenda is the goal to eliminate the State of Israel and demolish American “democracy” and the Judeo-Christian influence from their land. Does this mean nations outside of the Middle East are safe? Not so fast.

European, Canadian, Australian and American government officials, leaders and the informed population are shocked by learning that their Muslims citizens are joining the now declared nation of ISIS or ISIL to fight the war that is taking place in the Middle East against infidels. They worry that their citizens may fight within their nations.  This concern is valid since history is clear in pointing to Islam’s goal to dominate the world not just parts of it.  This has been their declared mission since its beginnings.  Rest assured that Muslims, who want to live the purity and devotion of Islam and Muhammad’s teachings of their glory will continue this war everywhere.

What the world is witnessing is a revival of Islam and its world growth to over one billion, making it the second largest religion.  This is clear evidence that people are looking for meaning in life and believe they are finding it by becoming Muslims. 

While the West thinks they are doing the right and intellectual thing by being tolerant to a misguided “religion of peace”, soon they will have to confront the realities of their irrationality. Muslims living in Western nations and other non-Middle Eastern countries must make their theological positions clear in relation to their faith. They can no longer remain silent about their convictions, and people around them need to know their social stance since things are only going to get worse as the jihadist continue their blood-bath.  

Islam is not the only ideology experiencing a revival. We are witnessing others like socialism, communism-Marxism and humanism marching full force with their depravation and corruption infecting a large part of the world.

Even without the looming Islamist threat America has enough problems that are bringing her down. The solution remains the same one that has been repeated over and over again; return to the faith and commitment to the God of the Bible. I will never cease to proclaim our need for the Biblical Reformation and rest assured I will go to my grave pointing towards that end. The coming Biblical Reformation is going to reset the world in order to move coming generations to a far better life than we now know.

How do I know this? The Bible tells me so. Jesus did not lose the battle; He won and is the conqueror of evil. He will continue to prevail as King of kings and Lord of lords, no matter how bad the nations might get before they recognize and acknowledge the Prince of Peace—Jesus.