Suppressing the Truth Will Never Succeed

Ramon Arias | March 16, 2015 

Has it ever crossed your mind to ask what the mindset was of societies of great nations and empires who transitioned from splendor to heaps of rubble? Not only has that crossed my mind, but also, while growing up it was of great interest to me to learn as much as possible as to why they all had the same social ills before they collapsed. After reading and studying history, and now witnessing history unfold right before my eyes, it brings to life what those societies of the past went through.

Not a day goes by that it does not reveal the far-reaching changes taking place in our nation and around the world. When you know the difference between light and darkness, sweet and bitter, truth and falsehood, good and evil, you know whom you are dealing with and what to expect.  However, the problem for millions is when the meaning gets reversed: darkness is called light, bitter is now sweet, lies become truth, and evil is seen as good. The forces at work will see to it that you either accept their definition of reality or they will make you an outcast. As they gain more control, they will eliminate anyone that disagrees with them or stands in their way by any means possible.

At present, the secular humanists are riding a big wave and they no longer hide their intentions. They constantly test the social waters and know when to push to get the upper hand of dominance. They are getting more confortable showing their true nature and goals. More and more, they have less need to hide their true evil agenda. 

A good example of this is none other than Joe Biden, who represents the mindset of the cultural war against the foundational principles and precepts of America. While addressing the annual conference of the Washington, D.C.-based Human Rights Campaign, the largest pro-LGBT lobbying group, this past Friday, March 13th, he condemned Dr. Ben Carson for his belief that homosexual behavior is a learned trait. Keep in mind that Carson is a world-renowned scientist and has the scientific facts to prove his statement; Biden has his ideology of lies and banks on people’s ignorance of facts to gain ground.

Biden not only insulted Dr. Carson, but also anyone who speaks or does anything against the homosexual agenda; this is what he said of them:

“We’re never going to be able to eliminate the bigots, they’re a small percentage of the population…. They’ll continue to be vocal, but make one thing absolutely clear, folks, they are an incredibly smaller and smaller minority. This country is changing.” 

Is Biden for real when he says that it is the minority who is in favor of traditional marriage and therefore are bigots? What a sales pitch for influencing the unsuspecting population to gain the adoration of likeminded people. The humanists’ magic wand of lying has worked so well for them that they just can’t believe how well things are going in their favor and can hardly wait when they no longer have to deal with those bigots and minorities who are lovers of truth. Are they ever going to admit that 34 states already voted against same-sex marriage but their judges have quashed the will of the people? These experts of deception could care less about scientific facts, regardless of what the subject is, whether it is climate change, jobs, the economy, sexual preferences (homosexual lifestyle) or just about every other social and scientific subject. They want to have it their way regardless of the overwhelming evidence against their claims. They have crushed religious freedom everywhere they can, including the armed forces, and continue to move at high speed testing different regions to see whether they can make people cave in to use it for a greater cultural impact and leverage.  

Biden continues to march to the drumbeat of “equality” and “tolerance”.  He is in full gear prematurely announcing the destruction of Biblical Christianity and says it doesn’t deserve the same rights as everyone else and must be destroyed. The humanists, communists, Marxists, and socialists can hardly wait for their rules of paradise to be implemented where everyone is miserable except the ruling elite, which lives at the top. From that perspective, Biden is right: “this country is changing.” They see true Christians as a minority. Why do you think that is when the Gallup poll reveals that 77% of the American adult population identify as Christians. 

Would Biden and the homosexual community call two of their very own famous and powerful billionaires, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, bigots? Two days before Biden’s comments, an Italian magazine, Panorama, published the views of these well-known homosexuals, which were republished by Breitbart:

“The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offspring and rented uterus. Life has a natural flow; there are things that cannot be changed.”

They also said, “Procreation must be an act of love.”

“I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteri for rent, semen chosen from a catalogue,” Dolce stated.

Gabanna said, “The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.” 

The pair have long been outspoken about gay marriage. In 2013, when the London Telegraph asked them if they had ever considered getting married, they answered, “What? Never!” Dolce said, “I’m a practicing Catholic.”

Gabbana told the Daily Mail in 2006, “I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents.”

We know the LGBT movement is coming against these homosexuals for affirming the obvious ancestral, scientific and cultural truth and will put all kinds of pressure to make them recant. Their comments collapse the gene myth causing their camp go up in arms and become so enraged. Remember, spiritually and intellectually blind people can’t handle truth.

Biden, professes to be Catholic Christian, yet he wants you and the rest of Christians in America to believe that we are finished, that the new social order is here to stay and nothing is going to stop it. According to him, Biblical Christianity is a dying breed because we are getting smaller in numbers by the day. Could it be that God-haters think Christians in the United States have lost their zeal to fight back and are not interested in taking this nation back to God’s morality?

This question will be answered by the social outcome in a not-too-distant future. In the meantime, we continue to witness how the elite has disregarded the Constitution and continues to believe they can continue to do it until it is totally irrelevant and push it into oblivion. They want their ever-evolving laws to be dominant. It is yet to be seen how “We the People” will react to all this deception and lawlessness.

It should be of great concern to those who continue to impose their “truth”, knowing it has never worked. They are everywhere doing everything they can to not be detected as their influence and ambition moves forward to conquer through theology, philosophy, ethics, education, biology, psychology, science, technology, sociology, the world of entertainment, law, politics, economics, history and other areas of social influence.

So far, they brag on their success by wearing the label of “conservatives,” “Christians” and any other tag they can pin on themselves to make people accept them as being upright individuals. The good news is that, God will use this present cultural decline so His people can define themselves and chose whose side they are on. If they are on the Lord’s side, they will rip apart the lies of the cons for everyone to see and understand what this evil agenda has done, is doing and will continue to do in the future. The rising up of God’s people against those who suppress the truth is great news, wouldn’t you say? 

God has always had a faithful remnant with deep convictions that live according to His principles and precepts. Their faith is unshakable; their knowledge of God’s Word is deep and they are serious to bring about the Great Commission to disciple the nations. They are not moved by the winds of the times that easily sweep others, rather, they fight to bring as many as possible into God’s light. These warriors are the hope of this nation and the world. 

Over six thousand years of human history reveal the futility of men in wanting to suppress and destroy the Revealed Truth of God. To be on the side of God’s truth is not only the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment possible in life, but it also gives the patience needed to stand firm.

This is why we agree with Paul’s assertion in his letter to the Christians at Rome:

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.  For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse” Romans 1:18-20