Tackling the Real War on Women

Ashley Herzog | November 7, 2013

Last year, I wrote a series of articles about the campus “porn culture”—the depraved, anti-woman atmosphere that dominates far too many campuses.

As I said then, “Women are constantly degraded on campus. They are valued for their looks, bodies, and sexual prowess—not their minds. They are often required to watch hardcore porn in class and encouraged to participate in “porn star lookalike” contests during “Sex Week,” the biggest event of the year…[this is] a real war on women—and it’s being waged by sexual liberationists who control the academy.”

After I published these articles, many readers expressed their loss of hope in the current generation of students, as well as the administrators who encourage such a debased culture. At first, I agreed—until I discovered a decidedly different group of students who call themselves “counterrevolutionaries.” They belong to the Love and Fidelity Network, a group that aims to “equip college students with the resources, support, and arguments they need to uphold the institution of marriage, the special role of the family, and sexual integrity within their university communities.”

This weekend, LFN is hosting its sixth annual “Sexuality, Integrity, and the University” conference. Starting on Friday, November 8, and continuing through the next day, nearly 250 students from over 25 college campuses will travel to Princeton University to take part in “Sexuality, Integrity, and the University.”

“These lectures and workshops provide unique opportunities to ask difficult questions and to meet with peers who share their belief in promoting a positive message of respect for marriage, the family, and sexual integrity,” says Caitlin Seery, the director of LFN.

LFN’s conference is a stark contrast to events like Yale’s “Sex Week,” which have included sex tutorials, lectures by corporate suits from the porn industry, and violent and degrading demonstrations by porn stars. “More than ever, students are seeing the pain and destruction caused by the sexual revolution,” says Caitlin Seery. “Universities have been ground zero for so much of what has weakened our understanding of love and marriage, and this conference will provide students with the ideas and knowledge they need to carry the truth about love and marriage forward.”

The conference will feature lectures by syndicated columnist Mona Charen; Jennifer Marshall, director of domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation; Dr. Jason Carroll, Brigham Young University; Dr. Catherine Pakaluk, Ave Maria University; and Dr. Matthew O’Brien. Attendees will also have the chance to attend workshops offered by noted writers Alana Newman, Eve Tushnet, and Jonathan Last, author of What to Expect When No One’s Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster.