The Anniversary that Exposes our Nation

Nena Arias | January 23, 2020

The yearly commemoration of Roe v. Wade exposes the horrors going on in our nation. It has been 47 years of killing and massacring the unborn in America, which has killed 61.7 million unborn babies at the time of this writing. Forgive me for being so crude, but that would be a humungous mountain of piled dead bodies. And we cringe at the Holocaust pictures? We have lost a whole valuable generation of productive citizens and we will pay the price for the bloodshed of that innocent blood. This exposes our nation for the monstrous place it has become under the name of so-called women’s rights (except for those in the womb). The safest place for an unborn child should be its mother’s womb. Sadly, the unborn child is helpless to fight and win against the selfish and immoral lifestyle of its parents. We must be the voice for the voiceless! 

We should experience deep sadness, even greater anger, and desperation for the church, that is the body of believers in Christ, to stand up and fight against this culture of death that has blanketed our nation for far too long. This is no time for passivity. The outrage and the outcry should be deafening before God and before our entire society against this abominable, barbaric and evil practice. Believers in the God of the Bible are still majority in this country and in a nation that prides itself in being a democracy, where supposedly, the majority rules, we should be able to reverse this once and for all.   

The high court’s ruling against the unborn was and still is staggering. How can we process in our minds that this is acceptable? And to think that the consciences have become so seared that women are now going to the streets and saying they are “shouting and celebrating their abortions” and that it has made them happy and free individuals. Deadly inconsistencies are rearing their ugly head in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Killing an innocent human life used to be called murder, now it is called “choice”. Why are they allowed to be killed for the benefit of those who are reluctant to accept responsibility for their actions? Inconvenience is the number one reason for the slaughter of so many innocent unborn children.

In America, the unborn child is a God-given unique person with “inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but the right to life is only — if he or she is wanted

A doctor can legally “terminate a pregnancy” and be considered a servant of the people and a warrior for women’s rights. This is even done with government funding, meaning you and I are paying for it.

Animals have more rights in America than the unborn child. What does this make America? Who are we? What have we become? How, in heaven’s name, can this be justified before a holy God? It can’t!

Due to this anniversary unborn boys and girls will not live to see the outside world or live out the purpose why they were created in the first place. They will never have the opportunity to hear the great news of Jesus Christ or live for the glory of the One who created them in this world. 

Why do we pretend that we don’t know they are killing children? We know the innocent blood that is spilled cries out to Almighty God for justice, just like the blood of Abel, the first victim of murder did (Genesis 4:10).  We know babies are going to the slaughter mostly because of sexual licentiousness. This is the result of fathers and mother fleeing the responsibility of this immoral behavior.  

The anniversary of the legalization of abortion in this country exposes the monstrous nation we have become.

We must repent before God and turn from our wicked ways! May God have mercy on the United States of America!