The Government is Not Our Father

Ramon Arias | October 1, 2012

“And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.” Matthew 23:9

For thousands of years man has fought and gained control of power to govern-dominate people to serve his vision of centralized government. In their worldview the intentions are to do good, except reality reveals the results only motivate people to be more dependent on the benevolent central power which becomes a destructive force.

By refusing God’s government people have very few choices to govern themselves. The following are some examples:

Anarchy is when people reject any form of control in relation to their personal actions. In order for people to get to this level of government they feel compelled to use violence in the overthrow of any authority.

Autocracy, in this type of government the idea is to consolidate in one person, with messianic characteristics, political power. This person as independent ruler grabs absolute power and uses the armed forces to remain in power.

Oligarchy is the rule of the few over the rest of the population. People, blind by the lies of man saving man gives absolute control of government to a handful of individuals.

Democracy, Billions of people around the world have the false impression that their constitutional form of government is a democracy by believing the lie that all power is in the hands of the people where majority rule, their will becomes the law of the land. The irony is that bloody tyranny thrives under this false concept of government. Corrupt rulers see how easy it is to lie by promising benefits so the majority elect them and keep them in power. The corrupt constituency demands from the ones they put in power to pay back all benefits promised or else.

Socialism is a political and economic system that appeals to the masses worldwide. This system has many variations in its application, most European nations embrace a light form of socialism, others apply the medium socialism and then there is the hardcore socialism-Marxist with total centralized control of the individual with limited movement of freedom.

Socialism in general promises much but gradually must take everything from people beginning with their freedom. Socialism must increment taxes to carry their archaic social programs imagining it can create a better society. Socialists expect the State to breakdown all social inequalities; it accomplishes this by pitting the rich against the poor, in an all-out class warfare The outcome is their goal to bring everyone to the same social level, everyone becomes poor. 

The Constitutional Republic form of government originated with the American experiment. This form of government has proven to be imperfect due to the fact that elected officials have lost sight of the originality of protecting the inherent rights of the citizenry. This imperfection is due to not living under God’s standards. The fundamental principal of this form of government is self-government and when those principals are lost the nation is also lost allowing the other forms of government to dominate their social worldview.

When Jesus said, “call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven” He was giving the right view of government originality. He was warning about the dangers God’s people fall into when they view rulers as their providers ignoring who rules Supreme over the entire world and has the power to provide for all the needs of His people. When church leaders fail to understand and teach this revealed truth people lose faith and hope when they think their benevolent ruler-father has not been able to provide. A father is the image of authority and provider. Early in His public life Jesus taught the disciples to pray, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:9-11). Notice, God’s people must look to God for their sustenance. It makes perfect sense to go to the original source of all things created, who else knows how to give true knowledge, understanding and wisdom on how to be productive and generate goods for the benefit of others? Only God our Father has that ability and man must not appropriate himself that place. People need to understand the dangers of putting man in God’s place.

Jesus was clear when he warned to not put the state as the only source of provisions lest you find yourself worshiping and making an idol of the civil government and then on the road of destruction.

When people vote for the welfare state they are voting for the loss of liberty and enslavement of the present and future generations. America, for the most part, not only has forgotten the God of the Bible but election after election it believes in the goodness of those elected to public service without keeping any form of check and balance in their governing decisions. Power corrupts those who forget that from heaven God rules all the affairs of men.

Jesus never promoted plundering the wealth of others to benefit the less fortunate such as the poor. Even those who serve in government and have strong convictions towards God’s principles must be careful not to be misguided when they want to help the poor. They must resist the paternalism syndrome that the state has projected for almost two hundred years.

The welfare mess is going to crash very soon. When 46% or 47% Americans pay no income tax this will cause the ones who carry the compulsory financial burden to wake up and say enough is enough. It is sad to see that people think it is a good thing to be given money from the generosity of a paternalistic government. Then they vote for immoral candidates who promise more goodies and think they will be happier and never have to work.

Do you think those with great capital will remain in the nation to see their honest earned wealth evaporate before their eyes as the welfare class demands more benefits from the daddy state? Do not be so sure, the French paternalistic state just passed the law that will impose a 75% tax rate for all rich people who have over one million euros. The exodus of French capital is going at a fast pace; far from solving the problem it is going to make it worse. History is always right. The state and those who depend on it in unity will continue to move FORWARD to destruction.

While many will laugh at the idea that God is the only true source of provisions and wellbeing, it will be those who wake up to this truth and live by the biblical principles of economy and industry who will become the voice of sanity and will have the capacity to restore the nation from all the moral bankruptcy.

I pray that you and I will be among them and glorify our Father who is in heaven and rules Supreme in the world!