The Left’s Double Standard

Nena Arias | April 30, 2018

Matters of faith, religion and political ideologies always seem to create division and tension between people because these matters are based on a deeply imbedded value system that they adhere to. For the most part, these values are antagonistic to each other and people feel passionate about them. But in my life time of almost 68 years, at the time of this writing, I have never seen such animosity and vitriol expressed toward a sitting president, or the office, like I am seeing for Donald Trump and his supporters.

People who are demonstrating their support for Donald Trump either by expressing their opinions in favor of him or wearing a hat or t-shirt with the “Make America Great Again” slogan (MAGA) are being discriminated against in many places. People are losing jobs, families are experiencing much tension, young people are being ostracized in schools, in Hollywood actors get blacklisted just because they speak in favor of our president.

Recently, a man was told to leave the bar where he was sitting down to have drinks and a meal. The owner of the bar took offense at the man’s political views and told him he must leave the bar. The patron decided to sue because of discrimination: A Manhattan judge ruled Wednesday that there’s nothing “outrageous” about throwing the president’s supporters out of bars — because the law doesn’t protect against political discrimination.

A Philadelphia accountant Greg Piatek, 31, was bounced from a West Village watering hole in January 2017, just after Trump took the oath of office, for wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, according to his lawsuit over the incident. “Anyone who supports Trump — or believes in what you believe — is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!” Piatek claims the staff of The Happiest Hour on West 10th Street told him after he and his pals complained about the rude service they were getting from a bartender.

Business owners do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they deem not conducive to good business and some even post the reasons somewhere in their establishment. These reasons may include to refuse service to those who are improperly dressed or some kind of other behavior the owners consider can make their other customers uncomfortable. But what we are seeing is that freedom is a one-way street with Leftists and they are swaying the system in their direction.

The judge in the case ruled, “Here the claim that plaintiff was not served and eventually escorted out of the bar because of his perceived support for President Trump is not outrageous conduct.” However, in this case the court still ruled in favor of the owner citing the freedom of the owner not to serve someone she disagrees with.

Since when is it permissible for a business owner to refuse service to someone he or she disagrees with politically? We are seeing that it’s not permissible for a baker, florist, or photographer to refuse service for a viewpoint they disagree with. So why is this acceptable for a liberal business owner but not for other business owners with a differing point of view.

Business owners have been fined by several states because of their refusal to support a particular practice they disagree with, such as same-sex weddings, and they should have the same legal protection as the bar owner. This is logical, but we know that the leftist mindset does not work with logic or facts. They are willing to twist, turn or ignore the law when it suits their agenda.

The bakers who refused to service a same-sex wedding did not discriminate against homosexuals who came in to purchase a cake.

Leftists refuse to do business with people they disagree with on a regular basis. And they are free to do that. There are two systems of justice in America. We’ve seen it with Hillary and Trump, and we’re seeing it with people who hold religious beliefs about certain types of sexual practices and ideologies and conservative policies in general.

Another field we are seeing the leftists win is in the public-school systems. They act upon an agenda whether parents are in agreement or not. Usually, the school system wins.

The left is no longer hiding their agenda, it is in our face and with their attitudes they are saying to the rest of us who disagree with them, ‘like it or not, we are going to take over.’ Are we going to let them?

“For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” Ephesians 5:8 

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”—Edmund Burke