The Nanny State Thinks it is Superior to Parents

Nena Arias | June 29, 2020

A coup of our children by the government through the Department of Education has taken over our public-school education. The government thinks our children belong to it rather than to the children’s parents.

Someone needs to give the Department of Education a crash course on the fact that children belong to their parents and God has given parents the sole authority over the education of their children (Proverbs 22:6; 3:1; Deuteronomy 4:9; 11:19; Ephesians 6:1-4; Joel 1:3).

The State seems to think that parents aren’t capable of guiding and supervising their own children’s education. The undermining of the role of parents has long been going on in this country for more decades than most people realize. This idea of parental choice is preposterous to some leftist politicians and those likeminded who have been vilifying the role of parents in a growing trend. This ideology that the nanny state should be above the parents is way out of order and a full-on attack on parental rights in our country. It only seems to be increasing. 

It used to be very clear in our country that the sole right of parents to make the best choices in the education of their children should not be infringed upon. But anymore, when parents choose a route that the government deems is unsuitable, they feel they have all the right to override the parents and mandate. This has been a fight that the homeschool movement has been fighting for many decades and I applaud them because I must say they have been relentless and have made great strides in controlling the curricula for their children.  

It is common knowledge that the State curricula for public school grade levels from K-12 has had a drastic do-over since the turn of the 20th century and it only continues to get weirder and weirder and much bolder and more intrusive. The indoctrination and the brainwashing and programming of our children’s minds that goes on in public schools is criminal. That is not an exaggeration when we see what passes for public education these days. The sad part is that it continues and is growing right under the noses of the children’s parents not only to tolerate this, but they don’t spend the time teaching their children the truth about these controversial issues at home. They send them unequipped to face this onslaught of lies. Since the influence of progressivism was allowed to enter into the public-school textbooks, American education started down a slippery slope forcing socialist/Marxist indoctrination down the throats of our children, our youth and even university students. It has produced generations that have lost the truth and are living with lies and faulty values that far from educating their minds has destroyed and warped them.

This presumption that the state knows what is best for families shows a total misunderstanding of the role of family, not to mention a distorted view of education.

The main goal of teaching children reading, writing, arithmetic, unrevised history and science was long ago completely violated by our public-school system. They have intruded into teaching wrong morals and ethics and have outright undermined the authority of parents in the eyes of the children. They have totally violated the spiritual limits which belong under the instruction of parents.

Most parents are intelligent, they are good problem solvers and are successful people at what they do. Some are even business owners or have good solid trades for earning a living. These trades and businesses could easily be passed on to the children and they in turn would also succeed at life. College is not for everyone unless additional education is needed in fields like medicine, law and certain businesses but it is not necessary for many other industries.

Most kids don’t need a college degree or a Ph.D. to be successful at life. To presume that parents couldn’t teach their children what is necessary for them to thrive in this world is absurd! The arrogance to say that only certain people with degrees or certifications can teach children is preposterous.

Having homeschooled my child I am familiar with the excellent homeschool curricula that is abundant to enable parents to do a better job at educating their children far above and beyond in quality as opposed to public school teaching. When parents deny their children this valuable opportunity and choose to make more money instead and delegate the education of their children to a distorted public-school system is a tremendous fault before God. So, as we can see, parents have made it only too easy for the government to take over their children with their permission.  

Homeschooling frees the parent and the child to have more time to pursue other interests. For example, if a child loves painting and drawing, they can do their schooling in about two or three hours a day and then dedicate time to excel at what they really like. The same goes for other true interests and talents that the children might have. It goes beyond saying that it also gives both the parent and the child time to bond at a deeper level. These are bonds that will stay with them for life. This type of bond is unattainable with teachers who are strangers to the children and that keep changing from semester to semester or year to year.

In the education of children, elected officials should be pleased with the many educational choices available to families today and help families to make the right educational choices for their children. Parents know what is best for their own children  and can also teach them the value system they want to pass on to their progeny rather than to have strangers, who do not espouse the same values, interfere in the forming of their children mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. All education effects the children in these three important areas. 

The state acts as if it is the all-knowing highest authority in the education of children and therefore superior to parents and their families. This is dead wrong! Giving the children the impression that their parents are ignorant and can barely keep them fed is wrong on may levels. The parents are even more responsible for letting it happen for what they think is more convenient for them. This is to willingly surrender to a socialist/Marxist state. This mentality and system have caused the collapse of many nations and its widespread ideology is destroying ours even this very moment. All citizens and both of our ruling political parties should reject it vehemently.

Let us work hard to restore and rebuild our nation upon the founding principle that we are “a nation under God” and that “we the people” have been given the power to make our own decisions and hold our leaders accountable to protect the foundation that gave us our greatness but that we are too quickly losing. The state exists to protect our God-given rights and to protect the freedoms of individuals, families and society at large, not the other way around.

Parents ought to be free, with great confidence, to pass on the sound heritage they treasure in all areas of life to their children without government interference.

All ideas have consequences. The more freedom each individual has to determine their future and that of their children, as long as those values don’t infringe on others, is the way to properly be governed.