The Reason Atheists Hate Christmas

Ramon Arias | December 17, 2013

Throughout the year atheists are in a constant battle against Christianity for one simple reason, their denial of God’s existence. But they specially get angry and frustrated in the month of December because it is the biggest time of the year.  It’s Christmas! Christians celebrate the birth of Christ in a big way!

There are Christmas lights everywhere, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, special Christmas dinners at different times of the month, Christmas music and songs, Christmas plays, references of Christ’s birth on billboards, emails, books, TV shows, and on and on and on.  The Big celebration starts right after Thanksgiving. 

Atheists laugh and scorn that Christians celebrate Christ’s birth on the 25th of December affirming He was not even born on that date. Of course, they miss the point like most Christians. Much speculation surrounds Jesus’ birth. The truth is no one knows the exact day or the hour of His birth, which is totally irrelevant.  It is not critical, but the fact remains that He was born and came to earth in an earthly body. Atheists, speculators or any controversy about Jesus’ birth should not intimidate Christians and make them lose the most important fact: Jesus was born! This is the real focus and atheists know this but they hate to even think about the truth of His birth. The best plan they have is to attack hoping some day they will have enough power to dominate this nation and eradicate all ideas about Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit and everything related to them in the world and the universe.

We have to understand atheists’ rejection of Jesus’ birth because it totally destroys their worldview especially if they admit to the way He was born. Atheists do not care about facts, they only care what their narrow intellectual capacity dictates to them and what they present as “facts” regardless of all the flaws in their theories. They cannot accept the way Jesus was conceived, they laugh at the idea that no sperm or egg was part of His conception.

Atheists ridicule the Christian faith for believing that the universe; the world and life have their origin in The Creator. And yet, they do not stop long enough to consider that their belief of origins equally requires faith.  That’s right, atheism demands faith. An enormous amount faith is required to accept that nothing produces everything we see.  Their premise is that the entire universe and everything on earth came from NOTHING! They call that knowledge, science. They affirm in their faith that humans are descendants of the monkey, and then they call that science and impose on us their faith or religion for all areas of life.  They demand that we must accept their religion of nothingness where man is the god of this world.  They will destroy, if they can, anything or anyone that opposes their worldview, religion, or faith.

Except there are myriads of problems with their worldview; everything about their faith crumbles within science, politics, economics, social progress and their results speak for themselves, genocides by the millions upon millions of people, wars, misery, corruption, moral decadence, and the list is long of all their failures. They believe the elite among them should determine the fate of billions of people. Forget the historical facts against atheism that shows utter failure.  The God haters are resilient and they rebrand themselves by recycling the same old ideas.

It doesn’t matter how many times their ideas have proven to be false in all areas of life, they always conjure up something so they can hold on to their schemes with the confidence that people are fools and will buy into anything the “experts” have to say. Case in point is Eugene McCarthy, respected scholar, geneticist in species-hybrid, one of the world’s leading authorities on hybridization of animals. Early this summer of 2013 he published his hypothesis that humans evolved from a cross of a female chimpanzee and a male pig.

The scientific community is up in arms, most evolutionist scientist are ridiculing McCarthy’s hypothesis, of course they are, they have to. This idea of a pig having sex with a chimp and being the ancestry of humans does not favor their long-standing faith in man’s ancestors, the apes.   They even challenge McCarthy to test his theory in the lab and find out that such a mix is impossible. The Creationist scientists are having a field day with this new theory, and they should.

You may ask, what does this monkey-pig business have to do with the birth of Jesus? Well, remember atheism demands faith in their theory of nothingness, which they say, produces everything and it will consummate back to nothing. They assure us that after death there is nothing, this is what their “religion” asserts.

Christmas reminds the atheists, and the world of Jesus’ birth and His unusual conception.  The fact that Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, meaning He had to be conceived in perfection with no contaminated human DNA irks them. He was to live a perfect life and fulfill His earthly and heavenly purpose.  He is the key to the redemption of the human race and their fallen nature to reconcile them with the heavenly Father.  God’s goal was to bring into existence a new society born again of the Holy Spirit just like He is. This is the real reason Christians must remember the birth of Jesus.

Many Christians want to call Jesus’ birth a mystery, but I differ from that belief.  The Bible is clear to the why, when, and where of His conception.  Genesis 3:15 reveals the why Christ had to come.  Also, throughout the Scriptures we find in the law and the prophets more of the whys of His coming. For thousands of years it was established when He would come and what the times would look like, the writings of Daniel are a good place to start to define the when of the time line. The where of His birth was also announced by the prophet Micah (5:2), close to eight hundred years before Jesus’ birth took place. The accuracy of all events to be fulfilled as it was announced for thousands of years cannot be fabricated not even by the most brilliant mind.  Putting the dates and events through scientific analysis is even more staggering.  Definitely the historical Jesus was born and fulfilled His purpose.

In a few words, what was fulfilled in Jesus? First, He came to reveal to us that life on earth has a meaning and that God is the Creator of all things seen and unseen. Humans can know God the Father when Christ is accepted as Savior and Lord (John 1:18; John 14:9; Hebrews 1:3). The apostle John wrote that Jesus was manifested in human flesh so humans could embrace the offer of having the life of the Godhead in them (John 1:14, 12-13). Yes, The Creator of the universe walked among us in human form two thousand years ago.

Second, He came to pay the price of redemption for the sinful human race. All the evil the world has witnessed is the outcome of sinful behavior. Sin is destructive in all its manifestations and humans have no way of changing that on their own. Jesus became the sinless sacrifice to pay for and destroy sin. He accomplished this task at the cross (1 John 3:5). Jesus was well aware that He would have to experience death at the cross and knew this was part of His first coming (John 18:37).

Humans are born with a sinful nature and sinning comes natural even though they may hate sinning they feel powerless to change the evil behavior that dominates them. Sin separates humans from a moral and righteous God.

We all need a savior, and this is exactly the great good news of the Christmas message; Christ is our Savior (Luke 2:11; Matthew 1:21). What a gift! Jesus came to deliver us from our sins (1 John 3:5). No more speculations about the meaning of life, earth, the universe and the afterlife.  

Third, Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy of God, and the human race, Satan. Once all humans understand the source of evil they will have a choice of rejecting the source or rejecting Jesus, God’s gift of life and power to overcome the evil one. John wrote that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). Since we are born with sinful desires, Satan takes advantage of our fallen nature to lure us into sin and then enslave us to endless evil and bad behavior (James 1:13-15). Jesus sets people free. Definitely, once His truth is accepted and lived out day in and day out, we are free indeed!

This is a small synthesis of the true meaning of Christmas as the gift from God to all men of good will. Notice, “of good will” this means those who are not of good will find life unbearable.

Atheists find the birth of Christ unacceptable; it goes against their faith. How is it possible that this baby born approximately two thousand years ago is a living King of kings and Lord of lords at present and rules from a place beyond the galaxies?

These and more questions will be answered to atheists from all walks of life once they see Jesus’ followers live as He lived in the here and now.  Jesus is not about an established religion; He is about transformed lives in order to make sense of all this human mess that is begging to be reversed.

God loves atheists as much as anyone else and He wants them to come to their senses and enjoy life’s meaning. He wants them to accept His truth and become active in bringing about God’s plan of perfect social order.  Once they embrace the truth of Christmas they will stop hating the Christ of Christmas.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder,
and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and of peace
there will be no end, 
on the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it
with justice and with righteousness
from this time forth and forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this,” Isaiah 9:6-7.