The Resurrection of Jesus: Myth, Religion or Science? Part 1

Ramon Arias | April 2, 2013

After Sunday’s celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, I’m sure the secularists are glad it’s over so they can continue dismantling the belief in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and all the gobbledygook they proclaim it is. Their goal is to continue to work with greater effort and conviction to debunk everything related to the biblical supernatural until they achieve their goal of a world dominated by a secularist worldview.

Secularists have a reason to feel energized, after all they control public schools, most Colleges and Universities, politics, governments, the Executive power and Congress, Courts, the economy, the world of entertainment, media, science, technology, and even most churches and seminaries. Yes, they certainly have good reason to have a sense of superiority, invincibility and a feeling of dominance. Never mind that for thousands of years their secularist worldview has brought havoc, with much pain, death, tribulation and destruction. Never mind that historically their view opened the gates to flood societies with immorality leading to irreparable collapse, time and time again. They only prove that the fight against any notion of the Creator of the universe and life on earth not only is foolish but dangerously costly to any true progress for humanity.

The secularists and their affiliates will answer the Resurrection question with a thundering affirmation that it is a myth as well as a religion since, according to them, both concepts go hand in hand. It would not even cross their mind to think it was a scientific event. Secularists view any person who embraces any religion as intellectually inferior and believe some day in the future the human race will snap out of their dwarfed minds and embrace the “glorious” secularist worldview liberating them from the darkness of knowledge and coming into the deep black hole of secular nothingness. There it is, I said it! Jesus referred to people like them, those that oppose God’s absolute truth in all areas of knowledge, as blind leaders leading the blind and falling into the ditch (Matthew 15:13-14).

The question of whether the Resurrection of Christ was a myth, an event of religion or science is not directed at the secularists. I know where they stand and where they are going. I know they pursue the idea that everything centers on man: they are self-centered. They believe we evolved from nothing and after earthly life there is nothing therefore God is not part of anything because He does not exist, or so they affirm. They believe all things can only be better as people have more money and wealth, never mind how they may achieve this material gain. After all, it’s for the good of all as long as the elite are the ones determining what is good for the rest of the little people.

The question about the Resurrection of Christ is directed at the highest percentage of people in the United States and the world who accept the existence of God and the Resurrection of Jesus by calling themselves “christians.” Yes, I wrote it with a lower case “c” intentionally. If you consider yourself to be in this group of people, what is your answer? Was Jesus’ Resurrection a myth, a religious event, or a scientific one? For over forty years I’ve been asking this question in many nations and the answer I get from all of them is that it was a RELIGIOUS EVENT! No wonder the world craves for answers that will explain all the whys and calamities of the world!

Can you tell me where in the Bible does it say that Jesus came to establish a religion? I understand what tradition has done to the concept of God’s establishment of His Government on earth as it is in heaven. I also understand that it is easier to call Christianity a religion to differentiate it as an entity of its own. I understand the etymological root of the word religion. When the proper definition of religion is used then everything and everyone is religious. Even if the atheist and secularist want to fight this fact they will lose. They can come up with their own dictionary of definitions but will never be able to change the true meaning of the root word, religion.

Having stated that, let us stick to the common usage of the word religion. When someone asks you “what religion do you profess” it’s with the idea of understanding your worldview. Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Secular Humanist and many more are religions. If you say, “I’m a Muslim,” or any of the others it is an identity. If I want to be more specific about your Muslim religious faith I will ask you if you are a Sunni or Shiite. This same principle applies to all religions since all are fractured in their own beliefs.

If you tell me you are a Christian, I will ask the same question: what brand or denomination? Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant or Evangelical? If you say you are Lutheran, Anglican, Episcopalian, Brethren, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Charismatic or another denomination, I may specifically ask what brand within your denomination. Within their own branches they are all fragmented with irreconcilable doctrines. Is it any wonder the unbelieving world points to all these divisions in their criticism and rightfully say everyone interprets the Bible from their own perspective. Millions reject Christianity for this and many more reasons. Can you to tell me this is what Jesus had in mind when he stated, “upon this rock I will build my church”? Are you serious? Is that how the will of God is done in heaven? Do you conceive heaven to be fragmented in all kinds of denominations or religions?

For the sake of time I will briefly mention some food for thought, hoping you will go further in thinking about this and do some research on your own. Let us consider the following questions: Is heaven so desperate to form religions that God felt the need to create some puppets to design religion so He could be worshiped? Did He come up with the idea to create men and women in His image and likeness only to dumb them down?

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