The Resurrection of Jesus: Myth, Religion or Science? Part 2

Ramon Arias | April 4, 2013

Think for a moment, if you accept God as the Creator of all things, the universe as well as the earth; are they the results of a religious event or a scientific design? Before the birth of Christ, the Bible and archeology reveal supernatural intervention on behalf of God’s people. Are they the result of a religious event or scientific manifestations? I know we call them miracles. But what to us can be interpreted as a miracle, don’t you think to God it is a natural intervention by God according to His original intent for His creation?

When Jesus began His public life, did He proclaim that “the new religion had arrived” or did He say, “The Kingdom of God has arrived”? I know you know the second answer is the right one. Jesus made it very clear that He did not say anything on his own, but He spoke only what he heard from the Father, and He did only what he saw the Father do. Does that sound like religion to you? All of Jesus’ miracles were nothing short of the manifestation and understanding of the original design of all things and their proper function. This is what he acted upon.

Perfect knowledge from God can only bring perfect results for humanity.

Everything Jesus taught and did was to confirm the functionability of man and earth when God’s Word is properly applied in all areas of life. When God’s people do not understand or obey His Word, all suffer the consequences of such ignorance or rebellion. This is the reason Jesus rebuked the religious leaders of Israel on many occasions for not understanding the Scriptures and the Power of God; a combination that must not be overlooked by any true believer.

If we want to represent Christ and call ourselves Christians with a capital “C” we need to understand the importance of not associating Christ’s Resurrection with a religious event. Jesus is not like other religious leaders who are the fathers of a religion founded after their perception of the universe, the world, and life.

Jesus manifested the true meaning of being created in God’s image. When Adam and Eve fell, that image was not destroyed. Humans are capable of rational-critical, and logical thinking. Granted, Adam and Eve sinned and it affected their human capacity to fully understand how to use their mind in the right way. Sin has devastating effects as we can witness this day in and day out in the lives of people and nations. Sin is a well-organized force inside of the human soul. Not only did earth suffer the consequences of Adam and Eve’s fall but also the universe, as hard as this may be to accept, it does not change the fact that it happened. It is easy for people to blame God for all their miseries without knowing or accepting that it is sin that keeps us away from God and from developing our intelligence and effective communication with Him and with one another. This is the reason so much misery is generated by a sinful mind. Jesus came to change all of that, and, yes, even at the outrage of billions, Jesus is the only way, the only life and the only truth that can reconnect us back in our rightful standing with God the Father.

Jesus demonstrated there is no disconnect between the natural and what we define as the supernatural. We can understand the natural, meaning nature or the physical that can be understood and tested by our five senses: sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. Scientists do not have all the understanding on how our senses really work; however they all agreed the senses are needed for human survival. Without the capability of our senses the human race would not exist.

When we read and seriously study the gospels we learn how Jesus had perfect understanding of the five senses due to his perfect understanding of the origins of all things created by the Godhead, which includes Him. Nicodemus visited Jesus by night to inquire how it was possible for anyone to do and teach as Jesus did. He acknowledged God was with Jesus and that was the only explanation for all He did. Jesus reveals the existence of a dimension with great influence on earth and the human race. The mind of Christ understood both dimensions: the senses and the spiritual or supernatural. If we are in him we can have His Mind in order to understand both dimensions. This cannot be accomplished by religion it must come by means of a personal relationship with the Father; the same kind Jesus had.

The advantage Jesus and the Bible have over modern science is that science can only assume to know answers through much speculation of the natural universe and the world. The resurrection of Christ shatters all antagonistic science exposing their limitations and fallacies in their ancient cosmological knowledge. By the way, if I may inject this here, Charles Darwin was not the originator of the theory of evolution, He gathered information from past pagan philosophies or beliefs and adapted them into the language of his time. If you do not believe me then do your research with an open mind and verify this truth.

The scientific world knows about the second law of thermodynamics. This law explains why all chemical and physical process moves toward extreme disorder better known to others as entropy. Everything in nature has a conception, birth, life, and death cycle. By the way, evolutionary science now uses both thermodynamic laws in order to explain their view of chaos and order. However, Jesus’ conception, birth, public life, death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven beyond the last galaxy, completed the restructuring of life here on earth by demonstrating total control of reversing the entropy in all of life. He healed the sick, cast out demons that oppressed people, raised the dead, multiplied food, paid taxes by sending Peter to fish and pull the money out of the fish’s mouth. Jesus calmed the raging sea, traveled through the air and walked on water, and much more.  He revealed that He controlled the second law of thermodynamics. All these manifestations were not to impress others with his ability but to reveal what others should be doing as a result of being followers of God’s revealed truth. To his disciples, He told them they were going to do greater works than the ones He had done.

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