The Transgender Ideology is a Lie

Nena Arias | May 16, 2022

“In the beginning…God created them, male and female He created them”.
(Genesis 1:1, 27)

Life has a way of teaching us what is right and what is wrong simply by paying attention to the results of decisions made and lifestyles. This is the case of the ever-expanding transgender ideology that is now being force-fed to our society and especially to our children even as young as pre-school age. Not only is this absurd but it is criminal and child abuse to assault our children’s minds in this manner. The results are speaking for themselves.

The title of an article on the Daily Caller called my attention of how some ‘detransitioners’ are coming out against sex change procedures and the gender ideology. In the long run, it is logical that this should happen because sooner or later those who have accepted so-called sex change procedures have to feel totally unnatural and can never be happy doing this because it is not who they are. Hormones and surgery will never truly succeed at changing a person’s biological sex. I don’t say that in my authority but in God’s authority as it says in his word. “In the beginning…God created them, male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:1, 27).

It is no wonder why a high percentage of those who have chosen the “transgender way” end up committing suicide and it is not just because society at large has a problem with this and rejects them, but because it is totally unnatural and in time, they feel totally lost with no real identity.

In simple terms, a transgender is a person who rejects the biological sexual gender they were born with and are going through procedures in efforts to change to the opposite sex. It doesn’t work and these people will always end up very unfulfilled individuals. They may pretend happiness to themselves and to the world, but that is precisely what it is “pretend”. It’s not real and God will always see to it that they know this. Hence, the disturbed conscience they live with. What they don’t know is that God is guiding them inwardly that they are going down the wrong path.

A young adolescent girl said, “As soon as I said I was trans, it was all hands on deck.” A high dose of testosterone negatively impacted her mental health, and she began hitting herself and once went to the emergency room after cutting herself with a knife. She regretted the whole thing and detransitioned. Another young girl who took hormones for five years and had a double mastectomy, blamed her parents and doctors for allowing her to transition and said her parents were super on board and started really identifying with being trans parents. Ultimately, she would have liked a resistant reaction from them. Many blame the adults in their lives for failing them.

When parents and the important institutions in a young person’s life are in a collaborative idiocy of insisting that it’s okay to live life upside down, there’s no hope for survival for such a society. Where is this going to take us? I’ll tell you where—to a total physical, moral, and spiritual collapse. This is what has happened to other civilizations who have committed the same types of rebellions against God’s order for life. We will not be the exception!

A trans psychologist named, Erica Anderson now has a strong opinion against transitioning youth. She says, “When it comes to trans youth, we’re in danger of losing our way. Fueled by isolation and social media, some youth rush toward gender identity as the answer to distress. As a trans woman and therapist to trans and gender creative people, I’ve worked hard to advance acceptance of trans identities, including those of trans youth. But increasingly I’m worried that in our zeal to identify and protect these special children and adolescents, we may have strayed from some core principles, and we are in danger of losing our way.”

Whether Ms. Anderson realizes it or not, those “core principles” are how God made us in the first place, “male and female”. Let’s work hard to love and teach people in the right way for their happiness.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!”
(Isaiah 5:20-21)