The Transgender Stampede Gives Mao Tse-tung Competition

Lee Duigon | November 18, 2017

( – I have come to believe that the transgender movement is the worst thing that has happened in my lifetime—with the possible exception of Mao Tse-tung’s Great Leap Forward, which killed at least 40 million Chinese in just five years.

But the transgender push has only just begun, and the whole ruling class of the Western world is behind it as if their very lives depended on it. Not just politicians, but movie studios, TV executives, teachers’ unions and other—ahem!—educators, judges, lawyers, and business corporations: all are guilty.

Furthermore, the push has advanced with terrifying speed, so much so, just to report it has become a challenge. One is reminded of a herd of cattle, dying of thirst, stampeding toward a water-hole. Why this folly should seem like a water-hole to anyone is a thing beyond conjecture.

Even churches have leaped aboard the bandwagon. Recently the Church of England ordered all 4,700 of its schools, serving over a million pupils, to “allow children to experiment with their gender identity.” No more “Be not conformed to this world” (Romans 12:2). No more “[M]ale and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27). We can’t even say “Boys will be boys” anymore. How the church squares this with God’s Word is more than I can understand. Maybe they don’t bother to try.

Last week the New York City Transit Authority forbade its employees to say “Ladies and gentlemen”, lest some “transgendered person,” Heaven help us, among millions of subway riders, be offended. “Ladies and gentlemen” is taboo because it is not “inclusive.” That little word has done a great deal of damage to our culture.

A recent Pew Research poll found that 77 percent of Democrats with four or more years of college now believe that “sex is not determined at birth”. True, that’s Democrats for you, we can expect no better—but what hath “college” wrought? Do people really wind up believing whatever pure crapola that they learn in college? Is it really that powerful? Imagine if it were ever used for some constructive purpose. But that may not be possible.

And note the language creep. Throughout the poll, Pew employed the formula “gender assigned at birth.” Assigned by whom? If there’s any assigning going on, there must be an assigner. Some of us have always thought that was God, but now we’re told we’re wrong. We are not told who does the assigning, but it seems we’re expected to do it ourselves—as if we were God: as in Satan’s everlasting con job, “Ye shall be as gods.” Whatever we say we are, we are. We “self-identify” as muskrats, so that makes us muskrats.

Now this is both madness and abomination. It is a rejection of reality, a revolt against God’s created order. And it’s come so far, so fast, like a runaway train, that we have no time to predict where it will carry us.

Do you want to live in an order created by charlatans and idiots?

But we are not gods. Our inane and foolish words do not define reality. Why is it even necessary to point this out? Say you can fly, jump off the roof, and see what happens. There is no way this will turn out well for us.

God will eventually carry out His plan of regeneration and salvation mo matter what our worldly rulers say and do. I don’t think He listens to the New York City Transit Authority. But because of what these imbeciles say and do, and because of the mindless multitudes who follow them, it’s going to be an unimaginably rough ride. Whether it ends with a thunderous crash or a soft and sickening plop doesn’t much matter.

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