This Billion Dollar Industry Breeds Terrorists

David Outten, Production Editor | September 13, 2016

(Movie Guide) – Children in America are continually in danger. According to the U.S. Department of Justice 62,939 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in 2012, but only 30 percent of cases got reported. American parents have more reason to fear child molesters than Islamic Jihadists.

The pornography attack on the minds of men and women of all ages is breeding sexual terrorism, and unfortunately, it’s a multibillion-dollar business in America.

In 2002, 14 years old, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped and kept as a sex slave for nine months by Brian Mitchell. She recently described her ordeal as being the action of a man who would get out his pornographic magazines to get ideas for the next episode of abuse he would inflict on her. This is far from an isolated example.

The size and sophistication of the sex terrorist industry is staggering. While it takes rejection of morality to be involved in the business, it’s by no means some fly-by-night undertaking. If you think Amazon is good at tracking your tastes in consumer goods, the leading porn sites are even better in tracking your taste in porn. They know that to make money they need to constantly offer “the next level of thrills” for the precise direction you’re going and the point in the path you are now.

This amounts to terrorist training. What may begin with “tame” porn for many gradually progresses into sexual violence, child pornography or same sex orgies. Porn sites understand the path and the pace. Not everyone reaches the absolute depths of depravity, but it doesn’t take a large number of deranged depraved molesters to strike terror. One Elizabeth Smart story terrorizes many parents.

What Can Be Done?

It’s not healthy for this article to terrorize you with the sick details of the pornography industry. What is healthy is to deprive the industry of customers.

Too many priests, pastors and teachers have become molesters. Large numbers of men who go to church on Sundays view pornography during the week. However, every person set free from the lure of pornography is one less customer and one less potential terrorist.

Our hearts rightly go out to children who’ve been molested, and to their parents, but our involvement to finding a solution shouldn’t stop there. The destructiveness that pornography brings must be addressed in young men and women before the problem grows out of control, and more perpetrators are grown.

The time to do something to “prevent this” is now. Make sure your sons understand the dangers of pornography. Observe their behavior, and let them know that God’s unconditional grace comes with healing and restoration.

A Destructive Worldview

A pornography addict sees your daughter (or son) as a potential toy…an object from which they might receive some brief moments of gratification. The porn industry thrives on providing brief moments of gratification followed by a rising sense of insatiable lust. It becomes like food. You have a meal and are satisfied, then your hunger grows until getting food rises to the top priority in your life.

When you let pornography take control of your life you hit frequent periods where the desire for gratification overrides any concept of morality. A child like Elizabeth Smart is not seen as a human being in need of love and care. Children are seen as living sex toys. Any sense of empathy is crushed by a monstrous level of lust.

Even the churchgoer dabbling in “soft” porn doesn’t look at porn models as girls like his own daughter. He sees them as objects who’ve sold themselves to provide him gratification.

The big lie, sold even in public schools, is that we’re just animals with diverse sexual desires. Children are told it’s wrong to pass judgment on sexual preferences.

Baloney. We all know child molestation is wrong. Is it a sexual preference? Absolutely. Are fornication, adultery, sodomy and bestiality just happy, healthy sexual alternatives? Deep in our hearts we know they’re not.

The worldview that condones lust is Satan’s plantation. He’s buying slaves with stimulating images, and the media does its best to keep the public blind from this. However, the good news is that the opposite of lust is love, and God through his loving kindness has given us a tangible and powerful example of love through the covenant of marriage.

A Christian Worldview

God made mankind, and He created the pleasures of sexual intimacy within a covenant of marriage as defined by Him. Sex is designed as a sacred union with the potential to result in the creation of another human being. It’s a beautiful thing.

The easy thing however is to abuse the gift that God gives. God designed the lungs to provide the body with oxygen, but you can choose to breathe in cigarette smoke and potentially get lung cancer. He designed the body to require food., but you can choose to destroy your body with a bad diet. He designed sex for marriage, but you can choose to harm yourself by engaging in promiscuity. Good health is not a religious issue. An atheist will live in optimum health abiding by biblical health advice. A Christian can die young ignoring it. Health is a ‘how-did- God-design- man’ issue, and honoring God means living according to the way he designed us, and not in the way that our sinful flesh desires as a result of the fall.

God designed the human mind to be at its absolute optimum when it’s filled with love for others. It’s at a pitiful low when it’s driven by lust and self-gratification at the expense of others.


The porn industry thrives because it enslaves. It nurtures repeat customers. Addicts can be rescued and young boys and girls can be protected from ever becoming addicted.

When Jesus began his ministry, he read from the scrolls of Isaiah about having come to recover the sight to the blind and to set the captives free. He never went to the local jail and opened the doors. He was talking about setting free those held captive by sin, including lust.

The freedom offered by Jesus Christ replaces lust with love. The thoughts that scream for gratification are replaced by thoughts of care for the well being of others.

Teach your children they are not beasts that live in a biological cycle. There is much more to life than a life of self-gratification. When this cycle is broken, other human beings are no longer objectified. Lust is replaced by love, and selfishness by selflessness and compassion.

The sexual terrorism industry will not be destroyed with air strikes and ground troops. It will only be destroyed by setting its captive customers free.