Times of Serious Crisis Try the Hearts of All

Nena Arias | March 16, 2020

Widespread crisis no doubt tries the human spirit to get back to basics and what is truly important. The world is being tested at present with the threat of widespread disease. The measures that are being implemented by governments in order to protect their people and their economy are very drastic. This may mean significant loss of life and revenues.

Not too many countries are exempt from facing tremendous challenges, not even the so-called developed countries like the United States. We all seem to be in the same boat facing the same odds since so much is unknown about this and new vaccines need to be discovered or invented to fight the effects.

What we do know is that the most vulnerable seem to be the elderly, and the children, while mostly asymptomatic, can be carriers. We would all do well to heed the indications of staying home if at all possible. If not, there are still indications in place to help us stay as safe as possible.

There are unavoidable situations that are being created. For instance, the Guardian U.S. News reports that in California two disasters crises are coming together, they are the housing crisis and the coronavirus pandemic. Seniors in assisted living facilities will no doubt begin suffering from loneliness on top of everything else because they have to be quarantined. Some have mental loss and can’t assimilate or understand what is going on. They just know they are not seeing their loved ones. Family visits are being limited to phone calls where loved ones only get to see and wave to their family member inside through a window. No doubt there is fear and anxiety.

On the other hand, public health officials are issuing warnings for the elderly to stay home and self-isolate. Those who are 65 and older are being urged to stay home and away from outside human contact. Fear can creep in when they realize they are a part of the most vulnerable population who is being hit the hardest.

This is a precarious situation that no doubt will test the human spirit to the limit. What will the local communities do to step in and help these seniors?

On the other hand, with the closing of schools possibly for the next eight weeks, parents are asking themselves “what are we going to do?” They are realizing the need to band together with others. Now is the time to come together as schools close.

Governors are issuing executive orders to close the schools in their states for at least two weeks, maybe even four to eight weeks. On the other hand, personnel as well as parents are concerned of the spread of the coronavirus if schools stay open. We are certainly facing predicaments that are challenging all of us in this crisis. 

Some parents are working from home with their elementary school kids, but that’s not possible for every family. People are just going to have to make it work somehow. This is life. It probably means reaching out to friends and family for assistance because there are some jobs that can’t be worked from home. Those who can stay at home need to call their friends to see if they can assist in watching their kids while parents go to work.

Churches may have to step up to the plate and open temporary childcare during this crisis to assist those who have no other options. Coming together is something that is incredibly important right now. But, isn’t that what life should always be about?

When the Bible says, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself’ we really need to be loving on our neighbors right now. There is always a silver lining in every cloud. First and foremost, looking to God for forgiveness and protection. Togetherness is what is going to get us through at this point.

It is time for parents to seriously consider homeschooling their minor children. Time to cultivate in your children hobbies and practical things like reading, drawing, and doing household chores. Older children can learn to invest themselves in their younger siblings to lighten the load for the parents.

Every challenge in life gives us opportunities to become better individuals. To better serve our God and others. Yes, there may be pain, hurtful separations and doing without comforts but, with God all things work together for good.

Let’s look up instead of down. Look around to see who you can be a blessing to. Let us not be found falling short in the midst of these challenges.