We Are Blessed to Have a Choice

Nena Arias | November 5, 2018

Every day we wake up, we have choices to make in determining what kind of day we will have and how we will face the challenges life will bring us. Many of these decisions will significantly make a difference in the type of future we will have. However, to be absolutely ready, we must live everyday perfecting our life skills as we study and assimilate, God’s Word, our life’s manual. We must constantly be exposed to its teachings to our heart and renew our mind by adopting God’s thoughts in all of life for good discernment. No one is exempt from having to go through this process, even those who are not familiar with God’s Word. By virtue of being created beings in God’s image and likeness our conscious tells us when we are doing the right thing or the wrong thing. There are no excuses for anyone.

Likewise, our country faces challenge every single day and must make its choices through the value systems it approves and the people it elects into office to oversee its laws and make good laws. Some of these challenges have been a long time in the making, others will begin to develop that very day. Nonetheless, they will require tried and true solutions for lasting results.

More and more, America is faced with a great challenge, a challenge that is becoming more difficult to deal with because it is attractive to many people. This challenge is the tentacles of socialism that have penetrated our national government in the huge bureaucracy of non-elected officials and the myriad of departments it continues to create, expanding the government to exorbitant lengths. These public offices have the authority to make regulations and laws to which we, as American citizens, are accountable to, and then there are the laws written and enacted by Congress.

It is reported by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management for the fiscal year of 2015, that the number of employees in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government is over 2,000,000 employees. That is inconceivable!

The founders meant for us to be a nation with small government, individual responsibility, and private donations for national disasters. The government can coordinate the efforts, but the money should be raised through private donations (voluntarism). Any more, even though Americans are generous, this is a foreign concept. People expect the government to fix everything, so it is our fault that the government has grown to such enormous proportions and that people have become so passive when it comes to solving community or national problems. First, thanks to Abraham Lincoln who violated the Constitution and the sovereignty of the states and then thanks to Roosevelt’s New Deal, which changed the philosophy of government. We had built the nation through generations of testing and struggle, and now all that has come to naught because of a power grabbing government, but with those major changes, we became a nation that is not the original design of the founders.

One vestige we are still blessed with is having the choice of elections and making our voice heard through our vote and the candidates we elect to represent us. The right to vote should never be underestimated or squandered because it absolutely does make a difference. We are blessed to still have a powerful choice. But it may not be for long. Let’s make it count!

Photo: Getty Images/Brand X | Blend Images - Hill Street Studios