What you can do for immigrants

The Integration of Immigrants to the True American Culture

Even though the United States of America remains the most outstanding nation in the world and she continues to have great appeal as the land of opportunities clearly demonstrated by its economical, scientific, technological and military might, we must not overlook the fact that its original foundation is being destroyed. Christian America finds itself engaged in many battlefronts in her efforts to restore the biblical Christian values that gave her greatness.

The vision of the first immigrants that landed on these shores, over 300 years ago, came with the belief that they could build a Christian nation upon the moral absolutes of God’s Word. Subsequent immigrants followed that vision until it became the United States of America. Once it became a nation in 1776, the waves of immigrants that followed for over 150 years assimilated or melted into the culture. Approximately over half a century ago a new social trend started to take place. The dominance of ideas from Darwin, Freud, Marx, Nietzsche, Emerson, and many philosophers like them, became the secular humanist religion. These ideas now control most of the academic institutions, entertainment, media, politics, civil government, liberal Christians and the occult with their primary goal to remove the original American values and our faith in God. This is the morally bankrupt landscape that immigrants have come to know over the last fifty years.

The secular humanistic mindset is framing their perception of America with their lies, myths and half-truths. If we add to this the cultural beliefs they bring from their nation of origin it creates a social time bomb. The rate of immigrants is exceeding the rate of assimilation and the United States of America stands in grave danger of deadly consequences.


 It is the responsibility of every Bible believing Christian to be pro-active in reaching out to immigrants with the Gospel and educating them on the core values of the true foundation of America. This same responsibility applies to churches, schools, parachurch organizations, Christian businessmen, Christian broadcasters and every other institution that proclaims the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This may be done by:

1.  Pray serious intercession is priority to achieve desired results. This prayer should be in:

  • Church
  • Home
  • Business

2. Educate  Offer classes in the home, church and workplace on the Christian foundation of America: 

  • Persecution of Puritans in England
  • Establishment of the Colonies as Christian Republics
  • Christian Requirements for Political Office
  • Biblical Christianity in Colonial Education
  • Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution: A Christian document 
  • God and the State Constitutions
  • The Non-Existent Wall of Separation of Church and State
  • The Non-Existence of Atheism in Early America

3. Promote the importance and benefit of learning the English language is: 

  • Integration
  • Identification
  • Sense of belonging

This is the TRUE American dream!