Where Has All the Good Leadership Gone?

Ramon Arias | October 14, 2013 

Due to the critical situation the nation is living politically, many are beginning to fall into pessimism and are affirming that they do not see leadership they can trust. There is no good leadership in our political parties! This is what we are beginning to hear, and will continue to hear.

How accurate is it to affirm that there is no political leadership in the nation? That affirmation is totally false. There are no vacuums in leadership; whoever affirms there are is in error. A home, business, civil government, church, or any other institution, cannot operate without leadership. It is impossible!

We must accept there are only two kinds of leadership in all social structures: good and bad. What we are witnessing, for the most part, is bad leadership being exercised on national issues. When there is good leadership, it immediately reflects on the stability and progress of a nation.

Good civil government leadership begins with the individual. When we have bad political leadership it’s because people have been allowed to arrive at those positions when they cannot even govern themselves. How do they arrive at political power? Through elections and votes that others have given them to place them at these posts. When unruly and out of control people arrive and are expected to become good political leaders it’s like asking an apple tree to produce watermelons. What is true is that our nation confronts a grave scarcity of good leadership.

Good leadership can only come about when a person responds to the greater authority that is not earthly. A person who recognizes the sovereignty of God in all areas of their thoughts, words, and actions and they know they will be held accountable by The Supreme Governor.

This class of people exists in our nation, they are few, but nevertheless, they exist. All these people have to do is understand and respond to the call of God asking them to serve in the political arena to clean it up. This calling is not just for a select few, being that we all need to be aware of our responsibility to become involved to counterattack the secular humanistic ideas that are dominating our nation more and more.

It is wrong to continue to believe the Bible doesn’t have anything to say about political science. On the contrary, it is impossible to understand political science apart from what God reveals in His Word about social order.

No other document exists that can compare to the Bible for revealing the correct perspective of life. This revelation obligates us, as children of God, to be genuine in the convictions we believe in. Convictions must carry us throughout all of our social activities, which include the down and difficult political arena. This may require direct participation in elected posts so we can exercise good leadership and extend God’s culture in all areas of human development for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.

To substitute this bad leadership that is taking our nation a drift we must substitute them with leadership that will pattern their lives to the likes of biblical characters such as Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther and Debora as examples to emulate. These people truly demonstrated extraordinary moral character and loyalty to the sovereignty of God. This is only attainable through unwavering conviction to take our rightful place as our moment in time requires.

Only men and women tempered by their faith and their behavior within God’s culture can guide our nation to a good future. We desperately need to trust this kind of leadership and not put people at the helm who are looking for the highest bidder for their services.

It is this kind of people we should be praying for, motivating and supporting financially to help them reach their maximum God-given leadership potential.

We all have a responsibility to exercise good leadership; this is why God has saved us.