Whoever Controls Education Controls the Nation

By Ramon Arias 

Should parents be concerned that their children are being indoctrinated with a State glorification agenda?  At the very least, I hope parents of public school children do.

There’s nothing unusual about presidents who travel across the country and give speeches on education.  They normally don’t raise any eyebrows.  However, back in September 2009 when Obama was preparing to do the same, Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education sent letters to principles around the nation saying:  “This is the first time an American president has spoken directly to the nation’s schoolchildren about persisting and succeeding in school.”  You may say, what is wrong with that? It’s a privilege, isn’t it?  Well, hold on it gets more revealing.  The students have to “listen to the speech” and “think about the following”:

  • What is the president trying to tell me? 
  • What is the president asking me to do? 
  • What new ideas and actions is the president challenging me to think about?

Once the wonderful speech was delivered, teachers were instructed to ask the students: 

  • What do you think the president wants us to do?
  • Does the speech make you want to do anything?
  • Are we able to do what President Obama is asking of us?

Whatever happened to, “ask not what your country can do for youask what you can do for your country,” spoken by John F. Kennedy?  Now the children are being asked what they can do for the president.  If this sounds more like the worship of a man, that’s because it is.  If Obama was more inclined to follow the Founding Father’s view of America it would be something worthy of praise, the problem is he does not.  He did promise to remake America according to his Marxist worldview only people weren’t listening.  He is entitled to believe whatever he wants, but he must also remember that a great percentage of Americans disagree with him on his view of life and the world.  He is not listening to the outcry that is growing saying, “we do not want a socialist nation.”  Not that he cares, but he should not ignore.

As time moves on it is more revealing that this administration is surrounded by likeminded people that embrace the communist ideal for society.  Since they won the election they feel they have the right to impose their dream agenda on the rest of the nation.  The opposition must simply remain silent and meekly accept their brand of change.  Not so fast.  Even people who voted for Obama are waking up and realizing their dreadful mistake.  They are now scrambling to find something to do to repair the damage.

In all fairness, the Obama administration is only reaping the fruits of the steady indoctrination that has been going on since the government got involved in education over 170 years ago.  In the 20th century the humanists and Marxists gradually took over most of the education.

Throughout history education has been used by men of good will and evil will to indoctrinate by means of influencing the education of the children.  Adolph Hitler understood the importance of educating the German children.  In a speech given on November 6, 1933, he said, “When an opponent declares ‘I will never come to your side,’ I calmly say ‘your child belongs to us already, what are you? You will pass on.  Your descendants however, now stand in a new camp.  In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’”  Four years later on May 1, 1937 he declared, “This Third Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take its youth and give to youth its own direction and its own upbringing.”  I challenge you to do a little research (Google) and compare the effects of Hitler’s education to what is taking place in America, and you will be astonished at the parallelism.

Does the name Joseph Stalin sound familiar to you?  He was the Soviet Union mass murderer-dictator who said “education is a weapon.”  Evil ideologies create evil culture and humanity pays a high price.  That is recorded in the annals of history.  Don’t let anyone tell you history is irrelevant.

All children are educated in a worldview.  This matters because there are only two choices: biblical or non-biblical.  Both must be analyzed in order to understand the kind of future this nation can expect.  One thing you must acknowledge and be certain of, there is no neutrality.

America continues to morally deteriorate; man has lost the moral compass of what is right and wrong.  It is evident man is not the answer; only the God of the Bible reveals what is right and wrong.  There was a time in America when the children learned that the Bible was the main source of all authority.  Those days are long gone.

Nowadays children are indoctrinated with the wrong perspective from the first day they step into the classroom.  Do not be deceived all teachers have a moral code and a worldview; the vast majority of them follow the humanistic or Marxists worldview.  Teachers who want to teach from the Bible are ostracized and removed from their post. 

The State knows that if they control education they control the nation.  It is time for Christians to put back the God of the Bible into education and government.