Will a Huge Dose of Patriotism Save America?

By Nena Arias

In order to answer the above question, we must first define what a patriot is so we know from what premise we are parting. 

The dictionary says a patriot is, a person who vigorously supports his country—and its way of life.  On face value, there seems to be nothing wrong with that statement.  Most of us would agree and understand that it is a viable definition for what a patriot is.  A person living among a people of a land and identifying with their beliefs and value system would be considered a patriot, wouldn’t you say?  Even though in the mind of a patriot, there may be some conflicting thoughts about some things he or she doesn’t agree with in their country, after all no country is perfect.  So almost everybody thinks they have a good measure of patriotism flowing through their veins and they are proud of that. Just look at a crowd, especially at an international sports event.  If their country happens to win and their national anthem is played over the loudspeakers at the awards ceremony, then the national pride comes through loud and clear. People display their national colors, their flag, signs, lapel buttons, hats, whistles and most of them sing their national anthem at the top of their lungs or at the very least they mouth the words.

In the case of our beloved country, the United States of America, if you would have told me a few decades back that my eyes would see the demise of America develop at an astounding pace I would have been skeptical.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  It’s not that things didn’t look bad back then or that I thought it would never happen, but I certainly did not expect it so fast and in my lifetime.  

Let us focus on the second half of the patriot definition that says a patriot supports his country—and its way of life.  It is a fact, many Americans are yearning for the America of yesteryear because our country has become something most of us do not willingly accept or even like. So patriotism in our country is scrambling to find what it is that it wants to vigorously support and defend. We have become a country that is killing its future with over 56 million babies massacred in their mother’s womb since February of 1973.  We are redefining every thing that is important such as not recognizing when life begins, or we don’t know what marriage and family is anymore.  A pillar in our foundation was personal responsibility, but now millions of citizens are perfectly okay with the government taking care of them and they keep asking for more and more handouts.  We don’t know what debt really means we just want “quick fixes and solutions” to our serious financial needs because people seem to think fixing the economy will make everything better. They want the government to be the one to fix it all. Needless to say, we have allowed our solid biblical foundations of government and society to become eroded and now the building is crumbling all around us.  Taking our eyes off of God and depending on Him for guidance is costing us dearly. 

Has civil government become America’s Golden Calf (Exodus 32)? Can patriotism save us?  Are Christians waiting for the government to do the job that they are supposed to do?  Where are the Christians in all this?  Inside their churches, of course! Even Christians have forgotten where the loyalty of their heart ought to be.  We have forgotten who our true King is and what our citizenship duties require. Many Christians know our country is in trouble and they have awakened to defend it but can a true Christian defend a country corrupted by so much sin on all sides? Can a Christian be a true patriot and defend a nation that mocks God? 

Patriotism alone won’t save us.  Christians and true patriots in America must arise and reclaim a foundation in our history that proved to be solid-not perfect- but solid upon God’s Word. It was superior to the heritage of any other people on earth. The world has benefited immeasurably from our God-given heritage of Christian influence. 

Christian America must be reminded to take up its calling as expressed in I Peter 2:9, “you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a people set at liberty, that you should show forth the virtues of Him that hath called you out of darkness into marvelous light.” 

As Christian believers we must not find ourselves pledging loyalties  to other gods we are clearly instructed that we ought not to worship.

No, idolatrous patriotism will not save America. It is only by God’s people rising once again and rebuilding with the undying principles of God’s government here on earth as it is in heaven.  No civil government or laws are to be respected above the eternal government of God, which is already here, and in each and every believer. Let us pray for a biblical reformation in America and the world will feel the impact for the glory of God.