Will We Soon be Facing Doom and Gloom?

Nena Arias | October 10, 2022

“Be of good courage, and let us be courageous for our people, and for the cities of our God, and may the LORD do what seems good to him.”
(2 Samuel 10:12)

Matters in America are getting outrageously worse all across the board and the message of doom and gloom is coming at us from every direction as if something unusual is taking place in the nation and the world. Has this happened before?

One of the reasons I’m a strong advocate of accurate unadulterated history are the invaluable lessons I learn from the past. It is indisputable that history reveals the reasons for the present social condition and the things I, as an individual, must build upon for a better outcome. My actions do have consequences, for better or for worse, and so it is with every human being. Don’t let anyone distract you from the fact that what we believe and work for determines the end results.

Throughout thousands of years in every generation, humans make their best attempts to develop and establish their political, moral, social, economic, and religious conditions. It is also true that many will offer their solutions to others attempting a way out of complex and damaging situations. Slothful minds don’t bother to verify if what they are hearing is truth, half-truths, myths or lies; and as sheep, they are led to the slaughter.

The good news is that not all are that careless, there are some individuals, who are diligent in getting to the truth, and once they understand it; they live by it, proclaim it, and defend it to the best of their ability. What history and people, who pursue truth, have in common is that truth is never out-of-date. Truth proves that if it was good in the past, it is good for today and will be good for tomorrow; those who act on it can most certainly count on these principles and facts to genuinely work things out for good, if they don’t give up.

Don’t be intimidated by the politically correct (PC) police and crowd. Never apologize for bringing to light the truth that sets people free. We must scrutinize everything, and I mean everything, from politicians and government at all levels to economics, which includes all social programs. From education to media outlets, the world of entertainment and every printed and spoken word; absolutely nothing should get a pass; not even religion no matter who is promoting it. Also, discard the religion of the unproven theory of Evolution. Believe it or not, evolutionists do admit they are a religion. Anyone and anything that offers a solution to hopelessness and a bleeding world must be scrutinized, lest repetition of the same mistakes brings forth the same rotten results.

We should not even attempt to defend the horrible mistakes committed by two thousand years of Christianity. On the other hand, should we be silent because of those errors? We can unapologetically hold up the lives of those who embraced the truth found in the Bible and point out all the good they did for humanity and the things that continue to benefit us.

Two thousand years of biblical Christian history also confirm to us the vital reliance upon the Bible to search for answers in order to avoid the drawbacks of religious humanistic-secular ideas and their racist mantra. As biblical Christians, we should never apologize or be ashamed for our conviction that the Bible is the final authority in all areas of life. Individuals as well as nations can trust the Word of God above the word of man as the most reliable and relevant source of direction for our world.

We find a parallelism with the dawn of Christianity up until our present time because God’s people repeatedly grow indifferent to their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and cultural condition.

From the very beginning, when Israel was liberated from slavery in Egypt, God warned the people not to embrace the ideas and cultures of the pagan nations, and if they did, there would be consequences. The reasoning is very simple, God’s ideas and his ways cannot be compared with those who go against him; historically they produce opposite results.

For 3,400 years the Jews waited for the promised Messiah. The prophets revealed to them a future Kingdom and a King that would be indestructible and that He would rule the nations in righteousness. This hope for the future came in the person of Jesus Christ and His government and it remains with us today to continue to teach us how to live. There’s no need to face doom and gloom as if there is no hope.

This same victorious Christ that conquered all is alive and well in the world today and has already given us the victory over every circumstance. Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

When we understand and accept the fact that God controls history, and that in generation after generation His plan is being carried out, it totally changes our perspective on how to interpret the past, present, and future. In the Holy Scriptures we have the most important document that can be verified. Scripture interprets Scripture and history confirms it.

As true followers of Christ, we do not follow an illusion but a reality. We have no reason to feel intimidated as we face difficult times, whatever they may be; we confront them with God’s knowledge and wisdom. As we continue to face the future with all its daunting challenges, we need to be reminded that for this reason we were born. We were recruited for His service and our faith is unapologetically biblical and strong in defense of our God-given liberty. It is our duty to this present generation and the ones to come. Let us not withdraw from the challenges before us.