Do We Have the Right to Look Away From Abortion?

Nena Arias | February 12, 2018

Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”
James 4:17

Recently we heard the first State of the Union address from Donald Trump. I must admit I heard some very good points and truthful accomplishments from this administration, including some very human touches by presenting special guests with very touching stories of events that have happened in their lives worthy to make known to the nation and of what some of the important issues that are being looked at and need to be addressed to better meet the needs of our citizens.

I did notice that an extremely important topic was conveniently left out of the topics that need to be urgently addressed in our country that so many presidents and congresses have been too cowardly to fully address, and that is the issue of legalized abortion on demand. All of the great accomplishments and goals of a presidency and a nation are futile if the value of life is diminished.

The devaluing of human life is one of the grave warning signs of a culture in crisis – a nation that no longer protects the weak, such as the very old and the very young, because it does not value life over other priorities is already headed for a ruinous fall.

People can get excited all they want about the economic strides that this administration is accomplishing and the promises to restore America’s wealth, but unless we remove this reproach against us from God’s perspective, we are in deep trouble.

We should not deny that we are in social, cultural and moral decay. The rise of immorality in a nation that abandons the idea of ‘good’ vs. ‘evil’ and tolerates indecency on the basis of moral relativism is a nation heading down the road of destruction. For some time now, in America, we have been abandoning our spiritual beliefs and trading them for political beliefs, but politics and government, man’s way, will not save us from the consequences of outright sin.

Such is the reproach of the assassination of babies in the mother’s womb in this nation. When bill after bill gets voted down in Congress that would get us closer to eliminating abortion altogether it’s despicable and disheartening. It pushes us farther and farther down the slimy slope of immorality toward our doom.

The party that mostly defends abortion “rights” is the Democrat Party. But the Republican Party is not exactly clean on this. With a Republican majority in both houses and a Republican president in the White House, the Roe v. Wade ruling could have been reversed long ago if those who say they are truly pro-life would uphold that stance.  Right now the Republicans have all the political ammo necessary to save millions of lives in this country but they are too cowardly to do so. They have made feeble attempts to ban late term abortions and babies that are the result of rape and incest. But they know these bills are never going to pass.

On the other hand, most pro-lifers in Congress claim to be of the Christian faith, which makes it all the more egregious because God makes us responsible to protect life at all stages of development. The command to “not kill” applies to all of human life at any stage. We are to protect life at all stages so why do they only fight for late term abortions, why not protect all lives at all stages. Also, where do Christian lawmakers find their standing that a baby conceived through rape and incest has to pay for the sins of others by snuffing out its life? Did God not know that a baby under such circumstances should not be conceived or did he allow its conception because he has a beautiful plan for that life in spite of the circumstances of its conception? We know the latter is the truth.  

We are morally responsible before God for all the innocent bloodshed going on in this country, and yes, there is blood on our hands so why do we think that we can just look the other way from this horrendous sin? 

Christians have no business voting for pro-choice politicians, period. Pastors should make this very clear from their pulpits. You become an accomplice of these crimes before God if you do not repudiate it and do all you can to eradicate it. This extreme bloodthirstiness in politics and in our culture must stop and we must call it for what it is.

We have no right to look away from this massacre in plain sight. Babies are being dismembered and cut to pieces while they are still alive, or burned to death with saline solutions inside the mother’s womb, or injecting massive dosages of poison to kill the child and have the mother deliver a dead baby, or the blood curdling partial birth abortion process, which causes the fully developed baby to be born feet first except the head, then inserting and lodging a vacuum tube through the back of the baby’s head, then proceed to suck its brains out. After butchering this child, the parts are then assembled on a table to make sure they didn’t leave any pieces inside the mother. Let’s say it like it is! Those who are in favor of abortion are in favor of these horrendous so-called “legal” crimes.

This multi-billion dollar industry of death must stop and we must do everything we can to save lives and condemn those who live off of this criminal industry. Don’t vote for candidates who are pro-abortion, educate those around you against this and be proactive, tell your pastors to teach the facts from God’s perspective, give donations to organizations who are out fighting in favor of life. You can also volunteer at a local Christian pregnancy center in your community to save lives and pray, pray, pray. May God help us…to turn this around.

Remember, “…to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” –James 4:17